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Hot dog bun is a type of roll, shaped specifically to contain a hot dog. The term "hot dog" is used to describe the cured and smoked sausage, as well as the famous bread dish made with those sausages. In America, hot dogs are always made with soft bread rolls, but in Europe, and in particular in Switzerland, France, Germany and Austria, they are sometimes made with Parisian baguette bread.

There are two basic types of hot dog rolls: top loading, which is popular in England, and side loading, preferred in the South and Midwest US. The advantages of a top loader are that it holds the hot dog securely and fits nicely into little three-sided paper boxes. Top loaders are generally baked side by side and torn apart as needed, leaving a flat side surface for grilling. Side loaders tend to be doughier, so are more likely to successfully sop up all the juices from chili or sauerkraut without falling apart.

How to select
• Freshly prepared home baked rolls are much better than pre-baked rolls, but if buying readymade choose a fresh batch after checking the date of baking and the expiry date as well.
• The seasonings and fillings may be chosen as per individual preferences and recipe requirements.

Culinary uses
• Hot dog rolls are used to make hot dogs, with the preferred sausage (Frankfurter, Wiener, Schüblig/St Galler Bratwurst, vegetarian, Kosher, etc.) and filling (mayonnaise, sauerkraut, pickled gherkins, onions, ketchup, mustard, etc.).
• You can also use these rolls to make any kind of warm or cold sandwich (cheese, relish, tomatoes, coleslaw, etc.).

How to store
Hot dog rolls can be stored in a refrigerator and used within 3-4 days.

Health benefits
• You could choose rolls made of whole wheat to add a little bit of nutrition into this traditional American snack.
• Traditional hot dog rolls are high in carbohydrate and calories.

Whole wheat hot dog rolls