lemon sweets

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Lemon sweets are the traditional sweets, made from concentrate of lemon syrup in sugar, with addition of citric acid. These are crystallized and molded into ovals or rounds. Generally these are yellow or lemon yellow colored. The flavor is that of lemon juice and relieves the thirst feeling, especially in the summers. The texture is hard, though chewable, but is preferable to suck it. Other lemon sweets include the lemon flavored desserts, lemon icings and whole lemons may be boiled in water and sugar.

How to Select

There are wide varieties of brands, offering lemon based sweets. These are sold through ages in all grocery stores as well as local vendors. You can choose the shape and size as desired. Just check the freshness before buying the unpacked ones. If they are sticky, avoid buying those as the syrup might have melted down in warm temperature.

Culinary Uses

· Its best use is for children. They can be consumed as it is.
· You can use the lemon sweets to decorate cake over the icing in your child's birthday.
· Whole lemons when boiled in sugar base syrups can be used as topping over the deserts.
· Lemon sweets can also be used in while preparing ice creams as a topping.

Health Benefits

· It is rich in Vitamins A and C required by the body for its processes.
· It gives relief to dry mouth, especially in dry humid weathers.
· Lemons are sour to sweet, hence the sweets of lemon can be eaten during
nausea and vomitting.