mango ginger

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Also known as

Curcuma Amada, Aamba- haldi.


Mango-ginger is neither related to mango nor ginger but to turmeric (Curcuma longa). It is a rhizome which is pale yellow inside and lighter colour outside. When it is crushed it gives sweet smell of unripe mango. The flavour is predominantly ginger with a delightful faint aroma and taste of mango. However, the taste is not as sharp as ordinary ginger is.

How to select

Always choose fresh and fleshy rhizome of mango-ginger. They are available in local markets as well as super-markets. It is advisable to buy them fresh from local markets. If buying from super-markets always check the packaging date.

Culinary Uses

· The rhizomes of mango-ginger are used for preparing pickles, chutney, preserves, candy, sauce and salad and in meat.
· Prepare simple chutney with mango-ginger, turmeric, coconut gratings, ginger, green chillies, lemon juice and little sugar and salt. Grind all the ingredients to fine paste without using water and serve it as accompaniment with any meal.
· Temper chopped mango ginger in oil with mustard seeds, curry leaves and ginger. Serve this with curd rice.

How to store
Mango- Ginger should be kept in air-tight jars away from moisture. It can be refrigerated for upto 4-5 days.

Health Benefits

· It helps aid digestion.
· It is also helpful in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, cough etc.

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