orange marmalade

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Orange Marmalade is a conserve or a fruit preserve usually made with Seville oranges. All parts of the orange are used to make marmalade: the pith and pips are separated, and typically placed in a muslin bag where they are boiled in the juice (and sliced peel) to extract their pectin, aiding the setting process. The recipe includes sliced or chopped fruit peel simmered in fruit juice and water until soft.Serve on toast or spread on pancakes for a scrumptious breakfast.

How to select

Select the marmalades with higher percentage of fruit concentrate with lesser amount of added flavorings and coloring. Organic and low sugar marmalades are available in the market and are a preferred choice.

Culinary uses

· The best way to enjoy an orange marmalade is to spread it on toasted bread.
· It can also be applied on pancakes, parathas, wraps or pita breads.
· Orange marmalade can be used as a barbeque sauce with ginger, honey and red pepper flakes.
· Orange marmalade cakes and puddings can be prepared by adding cream, egg, milk and spices to the mixture.

How to store

Orange marmalades should be stored in cool dry place.

Health benefits

· Oranges are known good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber and calcium.
· Marmalades are low in fat content and hence applying marmalade on a bread is a better option than applying butter or cheese.