orange squash

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The pulpy, citrusy flavour and texture of the squash when diluted with chilled water and ice cubes makes for a drink you can eat. This concentrate can be made at home. Extract the juice of pulpy oranges, blend it with sugar and water, strain and bottle.

How to Select
• Orange squash is readily available commercially.
• The organic variety of this syrup can be purchased online as well.
• If purchasing it commercially ensure that the seal is unbroken.
• Please read the manufacturing and expiry dates to ensure maximum product freshness.
• You can also make it at home with oranges that are particularly pulpy.

Culinary Uses
• Chilled water and ice cubes when added to orange squash with a sprig of lime make for an extremely refreshing drink.
• When flavouring or blending colours in a cocktail or mocktail, use this syrup.
• This squash has versatile uses in the kitchen and can be used a topping on desserts, served with vanilla ice cream or crafting flavoured sorbets for children.

How to Store
• Until the seal is broken, store the unopened bottle in a cool, dry place at room temperature.
• After breaking the seal, refrigerate the product to extend its shelf life.
• Since syrups contains a high amount of sugar, it acts as a preservative and ensures that the product has a long shelf life.
• Unopened bottles remain for a year with the flavour and taste of orange intact.