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लॉलीज़ / कैंडी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Lollies / Candies recipes in Hindi)
લૉલીસ્ / કેન્ડી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Lollies / Candies recipes in Gujarati)
Lollies and Candies bring back memories of our childhood. Small sweet treats served on sticks to improve their visual appeal, Lollies and Candies are enjoyed mainly by kids – and sometimes adults too. We have included all-time favourites like Strawberry Lollies as well as innovative options like the Oats Lollipop .

Fruit and yoghurt, frozen to make a healthy ice-cream which your kids are sure to love. Chocolate waffle cones filled with candies are a sure bit. Ordinary ice-cream cones can be used instead of waffle cones.

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Oats Lollipop ( Finger Foods For Kids ) recipe
Unlike candy lollipops, you wouldn’t mind your children eating these. The oats, jaggery, nuts and sesame seeds all blend in nicely to make these lollipops crunchy and delicious. You can make them in advance and store them in air-tight containers.
Yogurt Banana Candies recipe
Here is a unique dessert that will be loved by kids and adults alike! With its mind-blowing flavour that is fruity and tangy, these Yoghurt Banana Candies will surely sweep you all off your feet. Upon freezing, the curd-coated bananas get a very different texture, which is very tantalising. No ....
Fruit Lollies recipe
Lollies are all-time favourite… to the extent of being one of the most interesting aspects of childhood! Unlike their commercial counterparts, these fruit lollies don't use artificial flavours and colours. Instead, they provide lots of nutrients including vitamins C and A. Ensure that the fruits are ....
Chocolate Waffle Cones with Candies recipe
A little twist to normal waffle cones make a colourful sweet treat for the kids and the old can relive their childhood. Top of the waffle cones are dipped in chocolate and filled with assorted candies. Great to serve for
Fruit Ice Lollies Recipe recipe
A perfect mid-meal snack for the hot summer days that are waiting around the corner, these quick and easy Fruit Ice Lollies will be loved by kids and adults alike. With a perfect blend of fruity flavours and the right level of sweetness, these lollies taste too good! Moreover, this recipe requir ....
Strawberry Lollies, Healthy Diabetic Recipe recipe
Ever heard of a healthy lolly? and that too one that is permissible for diabetics? Here you go… a very interesting and healthy recipe using curds and strawberries. I have used oats to increase the health quotient, which is further enhanced by the goodness of strawberries. Skimmed milk powder and ....
Yoghurt Lollies recipe
Fruit and yoghurt, frozen to make a healthy ice-cream which your kids are sure to love.
Lolli (pop) Corn recipe
This is a chocolate filled popcorn with some nuts and dry fruits. It will be well enjoyed on children birthday party.Relish with this popcorn on your kids' birthday party.
Lollipop Biscuits recipe
A kid friendly and appealing biscuit or cookie recipe, Lollipop biscuits are easy to prepare. The dough made from flour, sugar, baking soda, margarine and milk is rolled and then cut into rounds. These rounds are then baked and then served with jam on the top.
Orange-ginger candy recipe
Note-this mouthfreshner has medicinal value because of ginger. take one ginger slice daily in winter. it is energetic and tasty
Toffee Crisps recipe
Delicious combination of chocolate and nuts which need no baking

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