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पूरे गेहूँ की रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Whole Wheat Recipes in Hindi)
આખા ઘઉંની - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Whole Wheat Recipes in Gujarati)

Whole Wheat Indian Recipes, whole wheat flour Indian recipes

Whole wheat recipes is the corner stone to living a healthier lifestyle. As the name suggest, its Whole and not a refined product. To live a healthy life and one without falling sick on a regular basis you need to shift to eating more intelligently. Say yes to fresh fruits and vegetables and opt for whole wheat products and not its refined version.

Instant Whole Wheat Vegetable Dosa, Atte ka ChilaInstant Whole Wheat Vegetable Dosa, Atte ka Chila

Make healthy choices. Say no to maida or refined flour and yes to whole wheat. What does whole wheat do to you? Its simple, the body takes time to digest products once eaten with whole wheat and hence don't raise your blood sugar rapidly. As a result consuming whole wheat products will keep you fuller longer and make you feel healthy. You won't have those surges in energy as you get when having a biscuit or cookie or doughnut. With whole wheat products you feel good all the time and stop the mad craving for sugar or refined products.

 Indian desserts made from whole wheat

Yes, we have some  Indian desserts made from whole wheat.  atta ladoo recipe known as  whole wheat flour ladoo is a simple and quick Indian dessert made using jaggery as the sweetener. 

Whole Wheat Flour and Jaggery LadooWhole Wheat Flour and Jaggery Ladoo

Whole Wheat flour used in Rotis, Parathas and Naan from different parts of India

Whole wheat flour is present in almost every Indian meal in the form of basic chapati, soft roti or paratha recipe. 

Chapati, Healthy Chapati for Weight LossChapati, Healthy Chapati for Weight Loss

A popular Gujarati flatbread that reminds me of my nani is the Padvali roti which is made by layering two thin rotis together.

Summer is here, it is time to savor on some aam ras and nothing accompanies better than the Gujarati Padvali roti. Gujaratis love plain thepla just as much as a fat kid loves chocolate. Theplas are an inherent part of Gujarati meals and are used for travelling and for picnics

Thepla ( Gujarati Recipe)Thepla ( Gujarati Recipe)

Traditional Maharashtrian thalipeeth recipe is made with three types of flours, besan, jowar and whole wheat flour.

Thalipeeth, Quick Maharashtrian ThalipeethThalipeeth, Quick Maharashtrian Thalipeeth

A famous Rajasthani dish, Missi roti is made with a blend of flours and a bouquet of additives like ajwain, coriander leaves and onion, which give out a very appetising aroma when cooked to perfection.

Missi Roti, Rajasthani Missi RotiMissi Roti, Rajasthani Missi Roti

What makes these whole wheat Punjabi aloo paratha so appealing is the soft and tasty filling of potatoes flavoured with peppy spice powders and crunchy onions.

What makes these whole wheat Punjabi gobi paratha so appealing is the soft and tasty filling of cauliflower flavoured with spicy green chillies and crunchy onions.

Gobi Paratha, Punjabi Gobi Paratha

Gobi Paratha, Punjabi Gobi Paratha

We have some naan reicpes made with whole wheat flour. There is the healthy whole wheat coriander and sesame seeds naan and for panner lovers the whole wheat masala paneer naan.

Whole Wheat Masala Paneer NaanWhole Wheat Masala Paneer Naan

Snacks made with whole wheat flour

For a healthy life style, its crucial to eat small healthy snacks or healthy jar snacks through the day between your lunch and dinner. So you could be snacking atleast 4 to 5 times a day or every 2 to 3 hours.

methi khakhra made of whole wheat, these whole wheat methi khakhra are a rich source of complex carbohydrates, protein and fibre. The sesame adds to the calcium quotient of this yummy gujarati methi khakhra while methi gives iron to build your haemoglobin stores. Don't forget to make the basic whole wheat khakhra recipe which can be had with curds for a snack.

Whole Wheat Methi KhakhraWhole Wheat Methi Khakhra

Whole Wheat Roti Chivda is a light and tasty snack, which can be made with fresh or leftover rotis.

For Mexican food lovers, we have the baked whole wheat tortilla chips which is a perfect snack to go with some salsa. 

Whole Wheat Roti ChivdaWhole Wheat Roti Chivda

Whole wheat noodles and whole wheat pasta, pizza options

Make your pasta healthier by following Whole Wheat Pasta in Low Calorie White Sauce instead of Pasta in White Sauce. For a tomato base option there is whole wheat pasta in tomato sauce

Whole Wheat Pasta in Low Calorie White SauceWhole Wheat Pasta in Low Calorie White Sauce

For pizza lovers, make sure you master the art of making a whole wheat pizza base. Try this healthy snack of tomato mushroom and spinach pizza or the mini oats bhakri pizza made with a whole wheat pizza base. 

Tomato, Mushroom and Spinach PizzaTomato, Mushroom and Spinach Pizza

Whole wheat vegetable noodles is a Chinese delicacy which can be consumed in a small portion by diabetics. Made with the addition of loads of vegetables  and sprouts which makes this healthy for all. 

Whole Wheat Vegetable Noodles, Hakka Noodles for DiabeticsWhole Wheat Vegetable Noodles, Hakka Noodles for Diabetics

Some Indian bread made with whole wheat

Try some of our classic whole wheat recipes like Whole Wheat Bread Rolls instead of Bread Loaf. Ladi pav is one of the most famous indigenous breads of India, especially as part of its street food repertoire.

Whole Wheat Bread RollsWhole Wheat Bread Rolls

Whole wheat ladi pav made with a dough of whole wheat flour enhanced with yeast, these breads have a special texture and rich taste, which make it a perfect match for spicy subzis and potato bhaji . 

Whole Wheat Ladi Pav, Eggless Homemade Laddi Pav BunsWhole Wheat Ladi Pav, Eggless Homemade Laddi Pav Buns

There is the diabetic friendly whole wheat masala bread rolls to enjoy with some Punjabi rajma. 

Whole Wheat Masala Bread Rolls, Healthy and Diabetic FriendlyWhole Wheat Masala Bread Rolls, Healthy and Diabetic Friendly

Try this classic Whole Wheat and Vegetable Khichdi instead of Makai ni Khichdi as corn is not healthy.

Whole Wheat and Vegetable KhichdiWhole Wheat and Vegetable Khichdi

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