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मेक्सिकन क्रॅप्स् - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Mexican Crepes recipes in Hindi)
મેક્સીકન ક્રૅપ્સ્ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Mexican Crepes recipes in Gujarati)

Mexican Crepe Recipes, Veg Mexican Crepes

Although of French origin, Crepes are used extensively in Mexican cuisine, served with flavourful and colourful fillings of exciting textures. Made with a batter of plain flour, Crepes have a slightly chewy texture and neutral flavour that work well with most stuffing mixtures and toppings. When preparing the crepes take care to cook them to just the right level as overcooking might result in a crisp texture that gets hard on cooling.

We present you with a small collection of Mexican Crepe recipe. Crepes are thin and soft, you can stuff them with savory and sweet stuffing to make various dishes like Corn and Cottage Cheese Crêpes, Crepes Belle Helene. Melt-in-the-mouth Crepes stuffed with spicy refried beans, cottage cheese mixture and finally topped with a chunky salsa rolled tightly and baked to perfection with generous amount of cheese, makes Crepes Mexicana delectable baked dish. Also, Broccoli Crepes with Mexican Green Sauce made with a broccoli filling and Mexican Green Sauce made of capsicum is a dish that is sure to etch a lasting memory.

We show you how to make Eggless Crepes and then use them to make a collection of Veg Mexican Crepes.

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Corn and Cottage Cheese Crêpes recipe
The evergreen combo of corn and cottage cheese comes together in yet another exciting form! Combined with green chillies for spice and tomatoes for tang, this duo forms a great filling for perfectly prepared crepes. Lining the crepes with Mexican Green Sauce before packing in the corn and cot ....
Crepes Mexicana recipe
Easy but awesome – that describes this baked dish best of all. This unique creation features crepes with a Mexican filling. A flavourful and succulent cottage cheese mixture joins hands with chunky uncooked salsa and mealy refried beans to make a fabulous fill ....
Crêpes, Eggless Sweet Crêpes for Dessert recipe
Crêpes are very thin pancakes with a nice and soft texture, which makes them perfect to make delicious desserts . Top them with a warm sauce and
Crepes Belle Helene, Sweet Pear Pancakes recipe
Crepes Belle Helene is a totally heavenly experience! It comprises soft pancakes, packed with a sweet and tangy pear mixture, all of which is laced with chocolate sauce and served with vanilla ice-cream. The filling has an awesome flavour, thanks to the perfect blend of fruity, sugary and lemony ing ....
Broccoli Crepes with Mexican Green Sauce recipe
This recipe is an example of how native Mexican ingredients are adapted to French pancakes. Broccoli and Mexican green sauce make a very tasty combination.
Crepes with Vanilla Ice Cream and Hot Fudge Sauce recipe
Young or old, everyone loves crepes served with ice-cream! We give a more interesting twist to this evergreen delight, by drizzling some hot fudge sauce over the ice-cream. The texture of the crepes together with the creamy ice-cream and gooey sauce gives a totally delightful experience. This ho ....
Eggless Pineapple Coconut Crepes recipe
Pineapple with coconut is a perfect tropical combo, and features in a great many mocktails and desserts. Here, this irresistible duo is served inside melt-in-the-mouth ....
Makhani Crepes recipe
Delicate crepes filled with cottage cheese in a creamy makhani gravy.
Mango Crepes with Custard recipe
A delicious yet healthy dessert!
Nutella Crepes(eggless) recipe
We use curd as a substitute for egg as it makes the dough soft and fluffy..
can add pineapple+nutella
Saffron&elaichi Crepes recipe
A famous french recipe, ideal for desserts ands served with ice-cream or other sweet sauces.

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