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Rajasthani Kadhi recipes | Rajasthani Dal recipes |

Semi-solid or liquid dishes like Rajasthani Kadhi and Rajasthani Dal, made with flours, beaten curds, pulses and lentils, are always served with a meal. It is important to choose the Kadhi or Dal such that it complements the other dishes served in the meal.

राजस्थानी दाल / कढी़ - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Rajasthani Kadhi, Dal recipes in Hindi)
રાજસ્થાની દાળ / કઢી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Rajasthani Kadhi, Dal recipes in Gujarati)

When in a rush, just a few rotis with dal or a khichdi with kadhi can be served as a complete meal itself. Take your pick from a large variety of Rajasthani Kadhis and Rajasthani Dals, like Dal-Baati-Churma, Rajasthani Pakoda Kadhi, Mangodi ki Dal , etc.

Dal Baati Churma

Dal-Baati-Churma three-in-one treat is a typical Rajasthani treat. The Rajasthanis specialise in serving sweet and savoury dishes in combinations that steal the heart and delight the taste buds. A platter of semi-sweet Churma, spicy Dal and deep-fried Baati, is one such traditional combination. Fresh baatis drowned in piping hot dal is a perfect accompaniment for churma.

Gatte-ki-KadhiGatte ki Kadhi

Due to the dearth of water, they usually substitue the water with curd, buttermilk while cooking. Gatte ki sabzi  is a curry made using curd and gram flour dumplings are added to it. The amalgam of spices with curd and the soft dumplings creates a mouth-watering dish that complements both rice and parathas.

Also, Rajasthanis make amazing Kadhi variation by adding crispy pakoda to it or deep-fried pithore, try your hands and make this flavorful Pakoda kadhi or pithore kadhi which is an irresistible accompaniment.

Mooli-Moong-DalMooli Moong Dal

Due to the shortage of fresh vegetables and limited options,  Rajasthani people often depend upon dals for all the proteins and other nutrients. They generally combine together 2-3 dals or some dal and vegetables and transform into a delicious,nourishing version. Cook up this Mooli moong dal or Palak toovar dal with a tempering of ghee and authentic Rajasthani flavour.

Also, you can simply skip the vegetables and combine the dal with an assortment of spices and create finger-licking Dal Banjari , Panchmel Dal or Tangy Green Moong Dal

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We can have this with green chuney tastes yummeee. This is my Mom's recipe.I have tasted it at her place and thought to be share with You. Please try this,it tastes delicious.
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