Akhrot Kaju Sheera

Akhrot Kaju Sheera

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Unlike most sheeras in which nuts feature as a garnish, here two popular nuts – cashew and walnut – come to the centre stage as the main bulk of the sheera.

While the walnuts are coarsely powdered, the cashews are broken, so that there is a good balance of textures, combining a rich graininess and an exciting crunch as well.

The nuts are sautéed well to enhance the flavour and aroma, before cooking them in sugar, to get a really luscious Akhrot Kaju Sheera that is rich enough to become the talk of the day!

Akhrot Kaju Sheera recipe - How to make Akhrot Kaju Sheera

Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Total Time:     Makes 2 servings
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1 cup coarsely powdered walnuts (akhrot)
1/4 cup broken cashewnuts (kaju)
1 tbsp melted ghee

For The Sugar Syrup
1/4 cup sugar

For The Garnish
1 tbsp pistachio slivers

For the sugar syrup

    For the sugar syrup
  1. Combine the sugar and ¼ cup water in a broad non-stick pan and cook on a slow flame for approx. 2 to 3 minutes, stirring continuously.
  2. Remove from the flame and keep aside to cool.

How to proceed

    How to proceed
  1. Heat the ghee in a non-stick pan. Add the walnuts, mix well and sauté on a slow flame for approx. 4 to 5 minutes, till it is light brown in colour, stirring continuously.
  2. Add the cashewnuts, prepared sugar syrup, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 2 minutes, while stirring continuously.
  3. Serve immediately garnished with pistachio slivers.
Nutrient values (Abbrv) per serving
Energy568 cal
Protein10.5 g
Carbohydrates31.1 g
Fiber1.5 g
Fat44.6 g
Cholesterol0.1 mg
Sodium1.5 mg
Akhrot Kaju Sheera Video by Tarla Dalal
Akhrot Kaju Sheera recipe with step by step photos

What is Sheera?

  1. What Is Sheera?  Sheera is a fudgy Indian mithai, which lies somewhere between halwa and kheer. It is thick and fudge-like, but not as rich as halwa. As a result, it is also easier and quicker to make.  
  2. The most common sheera is made out of semolina. It is popular all over India. In the South, it is known by names like Sojji, Kesari and Kesari Bath, because it is traditionally flavoured with saffron, which gives it a pleasant yellow hue. The Semolina Sheera requires minimal ingredients, and can be made in a jiffy. So, it is made as prasad for most pujas.
  3. Next most common is the Atta ka Sheera, a jewel from the Gujarati repertoire, which has become popular all over India. The secret to making excellent Atta Sheera is to roast the flour well, till the raw smell goes
  4. Similar sheeras can be made of other flours like gram flour as well (Besan Sheera). You can also make awesome Singhada Sheera on fasting days. Take your pick of healthy flours to make equally tasty sheeras like the Ragi Sheera.
  5. Richer sheeras like Walnut Sheera and Badam Sheera are obviously for special days. Moong Dal Sheera is also generally made occasionally only, not because it is rich, but because it takes a little time to prepare. It is best cooked slowly, to get the irresistible aroma and rich flavour.
  6. Kaju Kopra Sheera and fruit-tinged sheeras like the Oats Banana Sheera, Pineapple Sheera and Mango Sheera are all-time favourites with kids, so you can surprise them with a cupful in the evening when they return from school!  Sheeras are awesomely versatile and there is a huge variety to pick from. You can go through our selection of nearly 50 sheeras, and also come up with your own!


Akhrot Kaju Sheera
 on 09 Jul 16 03:58 PM

Akhrot Kaju Sheera
 on 29 Jun 16 11:39 AM

Can you add pistachios instead of khaju
Tarla Dalal
29 Jun 16 02:10 PM
   We have not tried it with cashews if you wish you can try.
Akhrot Kaju Sheera
 on 28 Jun 16 04:36 PM

Thanks for rectifying the error.Seems too yummy and surely try this one.
Tarla Dalal
28 Jun 16 04:58 PM
   Thanks for all your feedback Lopa!!! Happy cooking.
Akhrot Kaju Sheera
 on 27 Jun 16 10:14 AM

In the ingredients, cashew is there, but in method there is no mention when to add the same?
Tarla Dalal
27 Jun 16 03:45 PM
   Hi Lopa, It was an error from our side, it has been rectified now. Sorry and thank you for informing us.
Akhrot Kaju Sheera
 on 04 Jan 16 08:03 AM

Can we add milk instead of sugar syrup here?
Tarla Dalal
04 Jan 16 04:08 PM
   Thank you for your review Shruti We do not advice you to use milk, follow the exact recipe to get a perfect recipe. Do let us know how you enjoyed it..Happy Cooking !!
Akhrot Kaju Sheera
 on 24 Jul 15 05:09 PM

I do not like making sweets as they are very time consuming, but this recipe is so easy, quick and taste fab...I often make this and store in an air-tight container for a day or 2 and enjoy it in intervals.