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 Uses of Dalia (Broken Wheat)

12 Uses of Dalia, Broken Wheat

uses of dalia in Indian cooking. broken wheat recipes. Broken Wheat, or Dalia, are just whole wheat grains that are milled coarsely. These have all the nutrition of wheat flour with additional dietary fiber. When cooked, dalia results in a hearty, warm and comforting meal.  It is used for various sweet and savory recipes in India. 

1. One of the most well-known Gujarati Desserts – Lapsi – is made with dalia. Lapsi is a dessert where the dalia is first roasted in ghee giving it nice brown color and then it is sweetened with either sugar or jaggery and flavored with cardamom. This dessert is often served at religious ceremonies and functions in the Gujarati community. Another festive sweet made with broken wheat is kheer

2. Just like semolina, we can use dalia to make Dalia Upma with vegetables of different kinds. This upma can be had as a snack or as a breakfast item. 

3. It is often used as a substitute of rice in various dishes. Dalia can be turned into a grain Pulao with the addition of different vegetables and proteins like paneer

4. Bulgur wheat is a great source of iron, magnesium and dietary fiber and hence is added to numerous diet plans all over the world to aid better help. 

5. Due to its health benefits, dalia is very commonly used to prepare baby and toddler food. Bulgur wheat porridge is such a dish that keeps the babies full for a couple of hours while also providing them with the appropriate nutrients. 

6. Many dishes can be made healthier with dalia. Instead of rice, you can make a simple Fada ni Khichdi. South Indian Pongal, which is generally made with rice and moong dal, is turned into a healthy option with Bulgur Wheat Pongal.

7. Cooked dalia has a certain bite to it which makes it perfect for salads. The salads can be whipped up with many ingredients like a Black Bean and Bulgur wheat Salad or a Bulgur Vegetable Salad. 

8. It can be turned into different types of snacks as well. Crispy tikkis can be made with broken wheat. These tikkis can be customized according to your preference with different ingredients like paneer, beetroot and other vegetables. We can even make Vegetable Burgerpatties with dalia.  

9. A very unique way of making use of dalia is to turn it into Lazeez Parathas. Together with a little whole wheat flour and chana dal, dalia makes wonderful parathas. 

10. Raw dalia is used to make very nutritious Bulgur wheat pancakes which can be had for breakfast or snacks. Just by soaking the dalia for a while and grinding it with a little water, you get a nice batter of pouring consistency. To this batter you can add any vegetables and cook as pancakes on a nonstick pan. 

11. It works as a replacement of couscous as well and hence is used in different dishes of the middle-east. Salads like Orange Tabbouleh are a good example of how broken wheat can replace couscous. 

12. Dalia can also be added to soups or be used as a stuffing to increase the fiber content of the dish. One such recipe is the Stuffed Bulgur and Brinjal Bake recipe where the dalia is cooked in tomato gravy, stuffed inside brinjals and baked to perfection. 


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Uses Of Dalia Broken Wheat

One of the most well-known of Gujarati desserts, Lapsi is a very appealing sweet dish of roasted and cooked broken wheat sweetened with sugar and flavoured pleasantly with cardamom powder. Roasting the broken wheat in ghee gives the Lapsi a rich brown colour, intense aroma and nice flavour. Although it is a traditional recipe, it has a timeless appeal and is much-loved by both adults and children. This is one of the sweets that is commonly made during festivals in Gujarati households. You can also try other such traditional sweets like the Coconut Sheera and Kaju Kopra Sheera.
Can you imagine a festive menu without kheer? Indeed, kheer is very close to our heart and our culture too. Unfortunately, this irresistible treat overshoots healthy calorie limits when cooked richly with full cream milk, nuts and loads of sugar. Bulgur Wheat Kheer is a good way out. By using high-fibre bulgur wheat with low fat milk and minimal sugar, this kheer turns out to be a heart-friendly and waistline-friendly treat, if had in small portions.
Bulgur wheat has a rustic flavour and chewy texture, which makes it popular amongst many people. Not only that, it is also quite satiating and wholesome making it a wonderful alternative to rice. Here is a delicious pulao made with broken wheat and paneer perked up with other veggies and simple spices. A dash of lemon juice and chopped coriander add a real peppy touch to the Bulgur Wheat and Paneer Pulao, making it a tongue-tickling delight!
This wholesome and satisfactory Bulgur Wheat Porridge for Babies makes a satiating meal for infants in the 8-9 months stage, when their activity level and appetite grows as rapidly as their body. Also known as Dalia Porridge or Broken Wheat Porridge for Babies will keep babies satisfied for a couple of hours, and is also a very good source of important nutrients like energy, carbohydrates and iron. Dates are used to sweeten this Dalia Porridge as they provide iron and fibre in substantial quantities. When blending this Bulgur Wheat Porridge for Babies after pressure cooking, ensure to blend it very well so no pieces of dates remain behind. This can lead to choking in babies otherwise. Enjoy how to make Bulgur Wheat Porridge for Babies recipe with detailed step by step photos below.
A simply, wholesome, flavourful creation made of fibre-rich bulgur wheat, veggies and moong dal, the Fada ni Khichdi is a wonderfully tasty way to keep cholesterol levels under check. Those wishing to lower cholesterol or control their weight can switch from rice to broken wheat as it is rich in fibre. Simple masalas and veggies combined with this healthy grain give you an awesome one-dish meal that tastes great with just curds. You can make it any day, for any meal! Have a go at other recipes like Dal Moghlai or Spicy Oat Pancakes.
Next only to Idli and Dosa, Pongal is amongst the most popular breakfast recipes in South India. Usually made of rice and moong dal, cooked and spiced up with pepper and cumin seeds, Pongal is quite sumptuous and ensures that you don’t get hungry till lunch time! We have made this popular recipe healthier by replacing rice with bulgur wheat, to enhance the fibre content. Amazingly flavourful, with hints of pepper, ginger and cumin, this Bulgur Wheat Pongal is sure to please your tummy and your taste buds. Serve it immediately after preparation. On a day when you are feeling indulgent, garnish this Pongal with some roasted cashews and feel the taste spike up further. A few more low salt snack options are Seviyan Upma and Poha Handwa .
An energy-dense salad, this is almost a meal in its own right! The Black Bean and Bulgur Wheat Salad also gives good quality protein and dietary fibre to keep you fit and fine. The best part is that this healthy bowlful can be whipped up very easily, so you can opt for this when you do not have time to prepare a full-fledged meal.
Spicy cutlets made with broken wheat and vegetables are stuffed between nourishing, fibre-rich whole wheat buns, to make a low-fat treat packed with nutrients like protein, calcium, iron and vitamin A. The cutlets in this Whole Wheat Vegetable Burger are cooked on a non-stick tava with minimal oil, and mayonnaise is replaced with low-cal Thousand Island dressing, to give you the same pleasurable experience in a guilt-free package. Serve with Low Fat Fries and a Low Cal Beverage .
Chana dal and broken wheat make unusual beginnings for a paratha. This combination of bengal gram dal (pulse) and broken wheat (cereal) forms a complete source of protein and also provides fibre. Apart from being rich in nutrients, these parathas are also rich in taste and flavour. Serve them hot and fresh, as re-heating these parathas is not a good idea!
Bulgur wheat proves to be a good breakfast food, as it provides an adequate amount of energy (calories) and protein. Since your body requires calcium, the addition of curds improves the calcium content of the recipe. These pancakes are ideal for your second trimester as they are rich in fibre and will ease your digestive problems too.
Bulgur (which is often referred to as broken wheat or dalia) is the healthiest form of wheat available. The most important nutrient retained by this cereal form is fibre, that makes it a low glycemic index food and helps to prevent a quick rise in blood sugar levels. In contrast, wheat products like rava, maida and pasta lose many of their nutrients as a result of processing and refining. You can also make other nourishing dishes like khichdi and pulao using bulgur wheat. Packed with protein, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, iron and fibre, this salad is spiked up with a lot of mediterranean flavours like olive oil, oranges and parsley. Lemon juice and spring onions which will not fail to perk up your spirits. Allow the salad to rest a while after you toss it so that all the flavours mellow and blend yielding into a harmonious flavour.
Stuffed Bulgur and Brinjal Bake is a really off-beat and totally exotic dish that is sure to be enjoyed by everybody! Bulgur wheat is cooked with delicious veggies, tangy tomato sauce, aromatic herbs and spices, and stuffed into large brinjals. This mouth-watering arrangement is then baked with a topping of grated cheese, to make a totally outta-this-world dish, which will excite your taste buds and ensure that you remember it for a long time! Served with Cheese and Herb Potato Fries and a bowl of hot soup makes for a satisfying meal.