Cardamom Orange Cake

Cardamom Orange Cake

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In two minds whether to please the youngsters by serving a lavish cake for dessert, or appease the elders with a traditional mithai? Try this Cardamom Orange Cake, which combines both choices into one innovative dessert! Creamy shrikhand is thoughtfully combined with orange fruit and squash, and set atop orange-soaked sponge cake. A creative garnish of whipped cream and orange segments ensures that this quick and easy dessert looks as irresistible as it tastes. For a deeper flavour, you can use a dash of rum in the soaking syrup.

Cardamom Orange Cake recipe - How to make Cardamom Orange Cake

Setting Time:  1 hour   Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Total Time:     1Makes 1 cake (6 wedges)
Show me for cake (6 wedges)


1 (75 mm. (7") diameter) eggless vanilla sponge cake
1/2 tsp cardamoms (elaichi powder)
2 tbsp orange squash
1/4 cup orange segments
3/4 cup kesar shrikhand
1 1/2 cups beaten whipped cream

To Be Mixed Into A Soaking Syrup
3 tbsp water
1 tbsp orange squash
1 tsp brandy / rum (optional)

For The Garnish
2 tbsp beaten whipped cream
1/2 cup orange segments

  1. Combine the kesar shrikhand, orange squash and cardamom powder in a bowl and mix well.
  2. Add the beaten whipped cream and orange segments and fold gently. Keep aside.
  3. Slice the vanilla sponge cake horizontally into 2 equal layers. We would need only the lower layer of the cake.
  4. Place the bottom layer of the vanilla sponge cake on a turntable or serving plate and sprinkle the soaking syrup evenly over it. Keep aside.
  5. Spread the shrikhand-whipped cream mixture evenly over it.
  6. Garnish with swirls of beaten whipped cream and orange segments and refrigerate for 1 hour or till it sets.
  7. Cut the cake into 6 equal wedges and serve chilled.

Handy tip:

    Handy tip:
  1. The top layer of the cake remaining at step 3 can be used to make other desserts like chocolaty balls.
Nutrient values (Abbrv) per wedges
Energy641 cal
Protein7.5 g
Carbohydrates85.8 g
Fiber0.2 g
Fat28.3 g
Cholesterol60.2 mg
Sodium198.1 mg