Elaichi Hot Chocolate

Elaichi Hot Chocolate

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While we are all familiar with the intoxicating flavour that cardamom imparts to a cup of desi milk tea, not many of us would have tried using the spice with hot chocolate!

Surprisingly, it works just as effectively with this beverage too. The Elaichi Hot Chocolate is an awesome beverage with a heady flavour derived from dark chocolate, cardamom and cardamom powder.

It is truly an effective combination, and just perfect to enjoy on a rainy day to make yourself feel cosy and warm!

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Elaichi Hot Chocolate recipe - How to make Elaichi Hot Chocolate

Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Total Time:     2Makes 2 servings
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2 cups milk
3 cardamoms (elaichi) , lightly crushed
1/4 cup roughly chopped dark chocolate
1 tbsp drinking chocolate
a pinch of cardamom (elaichi) powder

  1. Heat the milk and cardamom in a saucepan and boil on a medium flame for 5 minutes.
  2. Switch off the flame, add the dark chocolate, drinking chocolate and cardamom powder and mix well using a whisk.
  3. Strain the hot chocolate using a strainer.
  4. Serve hot.
Nutrient values (Abbrv) per serving
Energy353 cal
Protein11.1 g
Carbohydrates17.6 g
Fiber0 g
Fat25.7 g
Cholesterol32 mg
Sodium38.8 mg