Vanilla ice cream

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Vanilla ice cream is the most common and basic flavour of ice cream which is favourite amongst all. Vanilla ice cream is made by blending in vanilla essence in along with the eggs (optional), cream, milk and sugar. The vanilla essence added gives the ice cream a very natural aroma and vanilla flavour. Vanilla ice cream is used in the creation of other flavours, such as rocky road, fruit punch and many more. This ice-cream can also be made sugar-free by substituting sugar with sugar-substitute and also sometimes made low-fat by using low-fat ingredients like low-fat milk, low-fat cream etc.

How to select
• Choose from the varieties of vanilla ice-cream and brand available in market.
• Always check for dates of manufacture and expiry along with the seal.
• When making at home, check for the freshness of ingredients like milk, cream etc and maintain hygiene.

Culinary uses
• Vanilla ice-cream can be served as a dessert by itself.
• This ice-cream is also used in chilled frozen drinks like milkshakes, cold coffee and smoothies.
• It can also be used in a variety of desserts like sundaes, pies etc.
• This ice-cream blends extremely well with chocolate ice-cream and other fruity flavours and is used to create some scrumptious sundaes like rocky road, chocolate fudge, fruit punch, etc.

How to store
Always store the ice-cream sealed in an air-tight container in the freezer.