black salt

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Also Known As
Kala Namak, Sanchal powder

Black salt is a pinkish coloured salt infused with sulfurous herbs and spices. The distinct flavour of this salt is what makes it unique from table salt and sea salt.

How to Select
• It is available in almost all supermarkets and grocery stores.
• Purchase dry, finely-powdered, packaged black salt.
• Ensure that there is no moisture in the pack, as it may turn into lumps.
• It is better to buy and store a few small packs of black salt instead of one big pack to avoid hydration when opened.

Culinary Use
• It is used as a condiment in preparing various chaats, raitha, chutneys, etc.
• It is also used as a key ingredient in preparing snacks like the mint-flavoured pani puri.
• Many Indian deep-fried snacks use black salt as a flavouring agent. It is sprinkled on top of the snacks to lend its characteristic sulphurous sour flavour.
• Various brands of chaat masala available in the market have black salt as the main ingredient along with other spices.

How To Store
• The salt tends to moisten faster due to hydration. So, once the pack is opened, store it in a dry vacuum container of glass or plastic.
• Always close the container tightly after every use.
• Do not use a wet spoon to remove the salt from the container; else it will form into lumps.

Health Benefits
• Since the sodium level in black salt is less as compared to table salt, it is prescribed to patients with high blood pressure or those on low salt diets.
• It is also known for comforting intestinal gas trouble.
• Black salt is considered as a cooling spice in Ayurveda, and thus helps treat heartburn.
• It is used as a laxative and digestive aid.