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Also Known As

Kadi Patta, Kadipatta, Karivepallai, Sweet Neem leaves

What is Curry leaves, Kadi patta ?

Curry leaves are a sub tropical tree native to India. The green midsized leaves are joined to a main stem and have a faint aroma which can be experienced while cooking. Apart from being widely used in medicines, it is widely used in many cuisines. These leaves are used extensively in Southeast Asian cooking, adding a very distinct flavor and aroma to an assortment of dishes.

Chopped curry leaves
Clean, wash the curry leaves, pat dry them and place thme on a chopping board and cut thm into finely chopped or roughly chopped or torn pieces as per recipe requirements.

How to select Curry leaves, Kadi patta

Ensure that the leaves are fresh and devoid of any cuts, spots or blemishes. They will be pale green or dark green in colour depending on the variety. Its better to purchase leaves which are attached to the stem so that they have a better shelf life.

Culinary Uses of Curry leaves, Kadi patta

· They are primarily used in Indian cuisine to temper recipes. Use torn curry leaves or whole as a tempering agent for dals, rasams, sambhar, chutneys, dhoklas etc.
· Use chopped curry leaves along with green chillies and ginger to flavour upmas.
· Dry roast curry leaves and combine with dried red chillies, asafoetida and urad dal to make spicy chutneys and powders which should be had with sesame oil and steamed rice.

How to store Curry leaves, Kadi patta

We show you 3 ways to store curry leaves, first in the fridge, second to leaving them outside and third to freezing curry leaves.

1. Remove the stalks of the curry leaves and wash them. Hold all the stalks together like a bunch and tie it. Hang the bunch to drain the water and allow it to dry. Now line a box with paper towels and spread the stalks on the paper towel and use the paper towel again to cover it and close the box and keep it in the fridge. This way the curry leaves stay fresh for a longer time. You can make curry leaves chutney/ thuvayal.

2. Separate the curry leaves from the stem, wrap them in kitchen paper towel, should be covered properly as exposure shall lead to leaves wilting and changing color. Wrapping them thoroughly lasts the leaves for more than 10-12 days.

Freezing curry leaves

1. Wash the leaves and take a Tiffin box put a white hanky and the leaves in it cover the leaves with the hanky an close the box keep in freeze for one month it won't dry.

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Health Benefits of Curry leaves, Kadi patta

· Curry leaves have antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties and is thus used widely in Ayurvedic medicines.
· It aids digestion and thus one can chew curry leaves when having a tummy ache. It is especially good for preventing diarrhea.
· Scientific research has proven that inclusion of curry leaves is beneficial for people with diabetes. Curry leaves taken with black pepper on an empty stomach can reduce blood sugar levels.
· It helps in skin care too. Intake of curry leaves can promote clear and healthy skin.
· They are a fair source of Vitamin A and calcium.