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Description of Plum Sauce
Plum sauce is a viscous, light brown, sweet and spicy sauce authentically used in Chinese cuisine. It is made by simmering together plum with an array of ingredients like ginger, vinegar, chilies etc.

How to select Plum Sauce
1. They are easily available in bottled form at supermarkets and malls. Check the manufacturing and expiration dates on the bottle before buying.
2. Check for any discoloration or gas formation ( bubbles) in the bottle, especially near the tip.

Culinary uses of Plum Sauce
1. Use it as a dip for rolls, wontons, etc.
2. You can even use it for making marinades.
3. You can even enhance the taste of your salad by adding plum sauce to salad dressings.
4. Innovative lettuce wraps with unique textures and flavours are not only easy to make but also, tasty and healthy.

How to store Plum Sauce
1. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and once opened, use as per the expiry date stamped on the label.
2. It is best to refrigerate after opening the seal.

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