wonton wrapper

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Also known as
Dumpling Wrappers

Wonton wrappers are readymade wrappers made using plain flour, salt and water. Sometimes eggs are also added to the dough which is mentioned in the packet. These are thin wrappers which are cut into equal sized squares and then dusted and packed. These wrappers are used to make wontons, dumplings, spring rolls etc. Generally thinner wrappers are used to make dumplings and thicker ones are used to make wontons.

How to select
• These wrappers are available in the refrigerated section in supermarkets. While choosing from wonton wrappers, you can choose from the eggless or with egg variety.
• You can choose from the round and square shaped wrappers.
• Always check the packaging details and ensure that the wrappers are free from any signs of moulds or dark coloured spots.
• Check the seal of the packets before buying.

Culinary Uses
• These wrappers are used to make wontons. Thicker wrappers are used to make wontons where you can any kind of filling you want.
• These wonton wrappers can also be added to soups.
• These wrappers can also be used to make spring rolls and other pasta dishes.
• Thinner wrappers can be used to make dumplings which then can be added to soups or can be enjoyed deep fried too.
• One can also fry these wrappers and add to salads or can enjoy them with some sugar sprinkled on them or dipped in honey.

How to store
• After buying these packets from the market, make sure you keep them refrigerated till use.
• Once the packet is opened, keep them covered as they get dried very fast.
• Always thaw the wrappers before using them.