powdered sugar

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What is powdered sugar?

Granulated or large chunks of sugar, when grinded into fine powder, is Powdered Sugar. It can be powdered and stored for instant use.

How to select powdered sugar

• You can simply powder the sugar used at home.
• Just make sure that the sugar you use is clean, dry and free of moisture, so that the powdered sugar does not coagulate or become sticky.
• Powdered sugar is also readily available in the market. When buying, check the packaging and use-by dates. Feel the packet to see if the sugar is loose and not coagulated or sticky.
• Also, choose a good brand to reduce the risk of contamination.

Culinary Uses of powdered sugar in Indian Cooking

• Powdered sugar dissolves easily and can be handy when making sweetened beverages or desserts.

How to store powdered sugar

• Always store powdered sugar in a dry and tight jar.
• Avoid contact with moisture as it will cause stickiness and coagulation.