rose essence

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The light, sweet scent of roses may be imparted by using rose water which is more delicate than rose essence. It scents sweets and drinks of all kinds in India. If using rose essence, a much smaller amount is needed. Indian cooks use it to flavor beverages and desserts.

How to Select
It is very easily available in grocery stores. Pay for a good brand and verify on the dates stamped - manufacturing and expiry.

Culinary Uses
· Rose essence or gulab ruh, used in flavouring gulab jamun (a Bengali sweet) and rose sherbet.
· A mild, delicate fragrance of Desi (Indian) roses. Also sprinkled on guests from silver 'rose-water sprayers' at weddings.
· Rose essence is used to flavour many milk sweets like rasgulla, gulab jamun etc.
· Falooda is one of the yummiest and very popular beverage enjoyed by all age group people

How to Store
Store it in the refrigerator, sealed properly.