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Soya sauce, soy sauce

What is soy sauce, soya sauce?

Soya sauce is made from soya. The well-balanced, smooth rich flavor of soy goes beyond its saltiness and blends so well with so many spices that the salt shaker won't even be missed. Low sodium varieties are also available. It is dark brown in color.

Light Soya sauce
As its name suggests, light soy has a lighter color, plus a saltier flavor. It is used more in cooking, as the rather pungent odor and darker color of dark soy sauce can ruin the taste or appearance of a dish. Light soya sauce is good for marinating, cooking and even making dips.

Dark Soya sauce
Dark soy is aged much longer than light soy, giving it a brownish-black color and much thicker texture. Dark soya is normally used for its dark colour rather than its taste because in Chinese cookery, some dishes use dark soya sauce for presentation. Also, dark soya sauce can be a bit bitter if used too much.

How to select soy sauce, soya sauce

Soya sauce can be found in your local health food stores and supermarkets year-round. It is generally sold in sealed glass bottles. Some stores also sell it in bulk containers. Check the label to make sure that no additives, such as MSG, have been added.
The best soy sauces are the ones imported from China or Hong Kong. Read the label on the bottles of soy sauce the supermarket sells. Find one with the least amount of sodium if you intend to use it raw. Buy one with the highest sodium content if you want to use it in cooking. Examine the label to see how long the soy sauce was aged. Choose the sauce that was aged for the longest time because aging produces superior flavor in soy sauce.

Culinary Uses of soy sauce, soya sauce

· It is the vital ingredient in Chinese food. Be it noodles, fried rice or Manchurian.
· Use soya sauce as a seasoning when healthy sautéing vegetables.
· Combine soy sauce, garlic and ginger and use as a marinade for baked tofu, tempeh or steamed noodles
· Serve brown rice with a Japanese flair by sprinkling some soy sauce, sesame seeds
· Some people use it as a dipping sauce for dumplings or vegetables. Some use it as a cooking ingredient
· Soy sauce is, of course, the essential ingredient to make authentic stir fries - use it to marinate prawns, chicken or strips of meat before cooking and add a generous amount to the stir-fry pan just before serving.
· It's also a must as a dipping sauce for sushi and adding to oriental-style dishes like noodles.
· As with all good seasoning, soy sauce will always work to bring out the flavour of your dishes, not smother them.
· Soy sauce is a condiment, used sparingly to flavor dishes.
· It can also be used in place of salt in soups and stews.
· When it comes to Chinese food soy sauce is the most essential

How to store soy sauce, soya sauce

Unopened soya sauce can be kept in a cool, dark place. Once the bottle is opened, it should be stored in the refrigerator.

Health benefits of soy sauce, soya sauce

Soy sauce is used in very small quantities and so not many health benefits are proven.