How To Line A Cake Tin ( Cakes and Pastries)

Some cake tins have a non-stick coating while others do not. Even with a non-stick surface cakes sometimes crumble at the base while removing; hence it is strongly recommended that you line all tins according to the instructions in each recipe as shown.

How To Line A Cake Tin ( Cakes and Pastries)

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How To Line A Cake Tin ( Cakes and Pastries) recipe - How to make How To Line A Cake Tin ( Cakes and Pastries)

Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Total Time:     1Makes 1 cake tin
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  1. Usually the fat that is incorporated in the recipe is used for greasing the tin, and it is applied with a piece of absorbent kitchen paper (which is softer than the greaseproof variety and gets into the corners more effectively). Alternatively, melted fat can be applied with a brush.
  2. It is necessary to ensure that the coating is even; hence make sure that neither excess nor very little fat is used. Sometimes, salted butter used for greasing can cause the crust to over-bake, hence check the type of fat used for coating.

Lining tins

    Lining tins
  1. Ordinary butter paper can be used for lining the tins. When the base of a greased tin is lined with greaseproof it is sometimes necessary to grease the paper as well, to make it easier to peel off after baking.
  2. To line tins, cut the butter paper into a piece slightly bigger than the base of the baking tin and into a long strip to put along the rim
  3. First grease the tin and stick the strip along the rim, then stick the centre piece.
  4. Grease the butter paper again on top and only then pour the batter.


  1. Some recipes require the cake tin to be greased first and then floured when a slightly crispier crust is needed. Otherwise flouring tins is unnecessary.
  2. After greasing the tins as mentioned above, dust it with very little dry flour and sift to ensure uniform distribution of the flour.
  3. Shake and remove the excess flour.
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