How To Cut Cake Into Layers ( Cakes and Pastries)

Cakes look better and the layers stack better when they are flat and uniform, hence it is important to cut the layers properly.

How To Cut Cake Into Layers ( Cakes and Pastries)

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How To Cut Cake Into Layers ( Cakes and Pastries) recipe - How to make How To Cut Cake Into Layers ( Cakes and Pastries)

Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Total Time:     1Makes 1 cake


sharp serrated knife

  1. Let the cake cool for at least one hour before layering. Place your cake layer on a flat surface.
  2. The first step before layering is levelling the cake to remove the hard dome-shaped crust.
  3. If using a knife, start by placing one hand flat on top of the cake to hold it and apply a light pressure. With your other hand, place the knife where you want to start, and move the knife back and forth across the top of the cake in a sawing motion to remove the top.
  4. If cutting multiple layers from one sponge cake, start from the top to make the first cut, removing it as you finish cutting. Then, progress to the next layer down.
  5. To remove, carefully slide the knife out with the layer in place. Another way is to slide a cardboard circle inside. Then lift the cardboard off and the top layer will come along with it.
  6. Another way, if the cake is sturdy enough to be lifted off, is to use your hand and the knife's flat side, to remove the layer and place it flat on a piece of waxed paper.
  7. When a cake layer must be split into multiple layers, always place the cut side of the layer in the middle, and never at the top or bottom. This way, no crumbs are visible and the surface to be frosted will be smooth and even.
  8. Another way to cut is by using a dental floss or thread.