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Indian coffee recipes | Indian drinks using coffee | 

Coffee is one flavour that never fails to shake awake our senses, however tired we are! Here are some cold as well as hot coffee-based beverages.

इंडियन कॉफ़ी रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Indian Coffee Recipes in Hindi)
ભારતીય કોફી રેસિપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Indian Coffee Recipes in Gujarati)


How to make Indian coffee ?

coffee recipe | Indian style instant coffee | easy homemade coffee | how to make milk coffee | Indian style instant coffee is a daily morning cuppa in many Indian households. Learn how to make milk coffee. To make instant coffee, combine 1 tsp instant coffee powder, 2 tsp sugar and 1 tbsp hot water in a serving cup and mix very well for 2 to 3 minutes or till the sugar dissolves. Pour ½ cup of hot milk over it and mix gently. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make 3 more servings. Serve immediately.

How to make Indian cold coffee ?

cold coffee recipe | coffee milkshake | Indian cold coffee recipe at home | quick chocolate cold coffee is a famous drink at many restaurants. Learn how to make coffee milkshake. Who doesn’t like restaurant style chocolate cold coffee? With its invigorating coffee flavour, served in a refreshing chilled form, decorated enticingly with chocolate sauce, it is an international favourite that defies all attempts to resist it!

coffee used with ice creams

cold coffee with ice cream recipe | Indian coffee milkshake with ice-cream | 4 ingredient cold coffee with ice cream | The choice of many at coffee shops, Indian coffee milkshake with ice-cream is liked even by non-coffee drinkers, as the bitterness of coffee is mellowed by the addition of vanilla ice-cream. Nevertheless, the intensely rich flavour of coffee is in tact, as the cold coffee is prepared using a perfect decoction brewed instantly using our handy helper, the microwave oven!

coffee frappe recipe | cold coffee frappe | coffee frappe using ice cream | with 16 amazing images. This creamy coffee frappe using ice cream is made using rich ingredients. It’s a must have cold coffee recipe for summer! Indulge in this rich and refreshing cold coffee frappeto shake off your tiredness on a busy day. The coffee frappe can be made quickly anytime of the day, if you have a box of vanilla ice cream ready on hand.

For coffee lovers anything with coffee flavour is a hit. They try to mix and innovate with coffee. So this section find some more coffee flavoured beverages to please your taste buds.

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Coffee, Indian Style Instant Coffee recipe
coffee recipe | Indian style instant coffee | easy homemade coffee | how to make milk coffee | Indian style instant coffee is a daily morning cuppa in many India ....
Viennese Spiced Coffee recipe
This Viennese Spiced Coffee will give the ever-popular Masala Chai a real run for its money. While spices are normally associated with tea, in this unique drink, the tantalizing taste of coffee is boosted further with a classic combination of spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. The Viennese Spiced ....
Coffee Frappe recipe
coffee frappe recipe | cold coffee frappe | coffee frappe using ice cream | with 16 amazing images. If you’re wondering how to make coffee frappe at home, then this easy recipe is for you. ....
Iced Coffee Mocha recipe
This refreshing Iced Coffee Mocha combines the ever-popular flavours of coffee and cocoa in one delightful, milky glassful! Many people just prepare this by blending together all the ingredients, but to get the best flavour, you need to prepare the cocoa-milk and coffee-water mixtures separate ....
Chocolate Cinnamon Coffee recipe
Here is a drink that makes chocolate lovers and coffee lovers agree upon at least one thing! With the rich and intense flavours of cocoa and coffee, aesthetically laced with cinnamon and nutmeg, the Chocolate Cinnamon Coffee is a soul-stirring drink that you will really enjoy. Each sip of this ....
Cold Coffee, Indian Coffee Milkshake recipe
cold coffee recipe | coffee milkshake | Indian cold coffee recipe at home | quick chocolate cold coffee | with 23 amazing images. cold coffee recipe |
Cold Coffee with Ice Cream, Indian Coffee Milkshake recipe
cold coffee with ice cream recipe | Indian coffee milkshake with ice-cream | 4 ingredient cold coffee with ice cream | with 19 amazing images. cold coffee with ice cream recipe |
Orange Coffee recipe
Orange zest and a dash of whisky adds a new dimension to the regular hot coffee.
Banana Coffee Frappe recipe
In a unique culinary twist, bananas come together with coffee this lusciously creamy drink! Vanilla ice-cream is an apt meeting ground for these two diverse ingredients, and balances their flavours very effectively. Indeed, the fruity sweetness of bananas does combine beautifully with the shake- ....
Affogato recipe
A tantalizing treat for adults, Affogato features a rich coffee-brandy cocktail served atop creamy Vanilla ice-cream. Laced with cinnamon powder, this heart-warming beverage sets the perfect mood for a long chat with a loved one.
Banoffee Smoothie ( Burgers and Smoothie Recipe) recipe
Did we say banoffee smoothie? as you might have smartly guessed, the name comes from a combination of bananas and coffee. The success of this smoothie lies in getting the decoction right. So, follow the method exactly as mentioned, and forget yourself in this heavenly drink.
Irish Coffee recipe
Whether planning a quiet affair or a lavish celebration, the warm coffee laced with whisky and topped with sweetened whipped cream will certainly make your guests feel special.
Coffee Walnut Smoothie recipe
Quick and lip smacking smoothie!
Mocha Smoothie recipe
A coffee and chocolate flavoured smoothie. This will be loved by children as well as adults.
Banoffee Smoothie. recipe
A smoothie with coffee and Banana goodness.
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