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लॅबनीस् ब्रेड - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Lebanese Breads recipes in Hindi)
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Lebanese Bread Collection

Like Indian cuisine, Lebanese cuisine also has different kinds of bread, but the most common one, which looks somewhat like our Rotis is Pita Bread. It is served with Hummus or other accompaniments, and also used to make other recipes like the famous Falafel Sandwich.

Pita Bread
Pita Bread

While making pita bread, ensure you dissolve the yeast well in warm water, because it will not get activated if you use cold or hot water. At the right temperature, yeast will get activated and you will see a frothy layer. Likewise, it is also important to use olive oil to make Pita Bread, as it gives a mild aroma. Another variant is the Zaatar bread which is sprinkled with the famous Zaatar spice before baking.

You can even make pita bread with plain flour to make them more fluffy. To increase the health quotient, substitute with jowar flour to make healthy pita breads. Jowar Pita Pockets stuffed with salad and patties is a guilt-free snack you can munch upon!

Forget readymade chips from outside, bake crunchy Lavash at home now. They resemble the Indian khakhra and have a crunchy texture. Dip them in an assortment of Lebanese dips and enjoy them!

Happy Cooking!

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