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मेक्सिकन बरीटोस् / चिमीचंगास् - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Mexican Burritos / Chimichagas recipes in Hindi)
મેક્સીકન બરીટોસ્ / ચીમીચંગાસ્ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Mexican Burritos / Chimichagas recipes in Gujarati)
Burritos are like Indian Frankies! Tortillas are wrapped up with ingredients like beans, peppers, onions, cheese, salsa, and others, to make mouth-watering Burritos. Chimichangas are deep-fried versions of the same. Burritos are so filling that they can be had as a satiating meal. There is also a lot of scope for innovation.

Not only can you pack in any-many interesting ingredients inside the wraps to make delectable snacks like the Mexican Bean Fajita , you can also make them into several off-beat forms as in the case of the Burrito Bowl.

What Samosa is to Indians, Chimichangas is to Mexican . A popular dish is southwestern American cuisine, Chimichanga is basically deep-fried burritos with a filling of refried beans, topped with sour cream, tomatoes and guacamole.

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Corn Tortillas recipe
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Burritos, Veg Burrito recipe
burritos recipe | Mexican burritos | vegetarian bean and rice burrito | how to make easy Indian burrito at home | with 119 images amazing images. burritos recipe ....
Flour Tortillas recipe
Tortillas are at the heart of Mexican cuisine. With many an interesting filling, you can turn these Flour Tortillas into satiating and lip-smacking snacks that can even replace a meal. Here, we have used a wholesome combination of whole wheat flour and plain flour to make these Flour Tortillas. You ....
Whole Wheat Mexican Tortillas recipe
Well, have you always stayed off Mexican food because the tortillas are made with maida and maize flour? Of course, both these ingredients are terrors for diabetics as they have a high glycemic indexes and can make blood sugar levels rise quickly. Now, you ca ....
Tortillas For Wraps and Rolls recipe
If you wanna dabble with Mexican cooking, this is one of the first recipes to learn. Authentic, maize-flour based tortillas are key to the success of Mexican wraps and rolls. Maize flour gives the tortillas a classic texture, while carom seeds and spice powders g ....
Burritos ( Healthy Diabetic Recipe ) recipe
With or without rajma, with one stuffing or the other, burritos are always a great option for a weekend snack as much as for a party – it is quite a meal in itself. You can have a free hand with the stuffing and experiment with choices of your own – just ensure that they are healthy! You must ....
Mexican Bean Fajita ( Healthy Snacks ) recipe
Throwing a party? try out this mexican delicacy. . . Tortilla stuffed with protein rich bean filling and iron rich green salsa!
Burritos, Veg Whole Wheat Burritos, Diabetic Friendly recipe
This recipe proves that diabetics can have most of their favourite foods, provided they make some smart twists in the cooking method and ingredients. Tortillas, which are like the pillars of Mexican cooking, are usually made with maize flour and maida, both of which are no-no for diabetics. ....
Chimichangas, Mexican Veg Chimichangas recipe
What samosa is to Indians, chimichanga is to Mexican . A popular dish is southwestern American cuisine, Chimichanga is basically deep-fried burritos with a filling of refried beans, topped with sour cream, tomatoes and guaca ....
Mexican Veggie Chimichanga recipe
A Mexican cuisine inspired recipe, Mexican veggie chimichanga has tortillas filled with a beans(boiled rajmah), onion, red capsicum and green chilies mixture along with a spicy salsa sauce. The crispy chimichangas are served with a sour cream topping and garnished with olives, pepper and lettuce.
Bean Burrito recipe
Bean burrito are a Mexican delight and are typically referred to as the soft flour tortillas which are filled up with cooked beans, tomato sauce and herbs.
Burritos  By meenal72 recipe
Makes about 12 burritos.
a easy way to win someone's heart thru the stomach!!!!!
Burritos  By sonaprem recipe
Burritos are a Mexican snack item with the tortilla wraps filled up with beans and avocado dip and then served hot.
Leftover Burrito recipe
A simple preparation of the famous Mexican burrito from leftover rice and chappatis. Serve with generous amount of taco sauce.
Mexican Burrito recipe
Mexican burrito is basically soft tortillas made from flour and then stuffed with an authentic Mexican style filling made of beans, salsa sauce, cheese and tomatoes.
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