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चाय पेय वाले - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Tea, Chai recipes in Hindi)
ટી રેસિપિ સંગ્રહ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Tea, Chai recipes in Gujarati)

Cinnamon tea recipe
U can add one inch crushed ginger while boiling.

drink atleast once in 2 - 3 days. helps in avoiding sore throat, cold & cough.

if u already have cold or throat issues, drink 2 -3 times in a day for 2 days.... it will really work.

Classic Chai recipe
The most famous hot beverage in its most simple and classic form. Serve with biscuits.
Coffee Chocolate Chai recipe
Chocolate means love. So i felt it was only right to give everyone's favourite cupp...a twist with it. So here is presenting coffee chocolate tea.
Delicious Honey Ginger Tea recipe
A delicious tea. .
Ginger Ice Tea recipe
Refreshing Energizing Summer Cooler
Ginger tea recipe
This recipe does not take much time to prepare and is very handy when treating cough and cold. have 2-3 cups everyday to fight cold.
Green Peas Juice recipe
A very delicious and pleasant juice.
Green Tea Honey Refresher recipe
This is a unique combination of green tea with honey and some citrus juice to keep u fresh throughout the day
Hibiscus and Saffron Iced Tea recipe
An aromatic combination of saffron , hibiscus and tea leaves to beat the heat of the scorching summers .
Hibiscus Iced Tea recipe
Its summers!!! And summers calls for a drink with some crushed ice. This recipe is not only something new and different but also healthy. It will leave you refreshed and wanting for more!!!
Ice Cream Tea recipe
A delicious icy tea flavoured with summer hit-ice-cream!
Iced Lemon Tea recipe
Calorie conscious people can use low cal sweetener
you can also add lemon grass to get additional flavour
tea lovers would sure love it
Iced Tea  By anu_bunny recipe
The most famous thirst quencher with the freshness of tea leaves. Feels like heaven in summer
Icy Fruit Tea recipe
A refreshing iced tea recipe, icy fruit tea is delicately flavored with natural fruit flavours. The tea is an unique summer beverage option, with fruit flavours incorporated in an icy tea.
Lavang Tea recipe
Helps relieve headaches instantly
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Tried it its amazing, Planning to start a Tea Shop (just like coffee day),any more types please mail me with the recipe and the method..
Tarla Dalal
22 Jan 19 12:33 PM
   Hey Nishad, Thank you for your kind words. You can check this link