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दक्षिण भारतीय वड़ा - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (South Indian Vada recipes in Hindi)
દક્ષિણ ભારતીય વડા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (South Indian Vada recipes in Gujarati)

Medu Vada Tava Sandwich recipe
Oh well, who said you could make sandwiches with only buns and breads? Here is a super-duper, totally innovative sandwich made with the all-time favourite south Indian snack, the Medu Vada! The Medu Vada is cut into two halves horizontally and sandwiched with a mouth-watering mixture of sautée ....
Low Calorie Medu Vada recipe
For most people, urad dal based Medu Vada is a must-have with breakfast. However, the extra calories that come out of deep-frying the batter could be troublesome. In that case, you can try this Low-Calorie Medu Vada cooked in an appe mould with ....
Steamed Rice Pancakes (yelai Vadaam) recipe
This recipe is one of the lesser known foods of the iyengars (a caste in south-india). Yelai in tamil means leaf. This dish is usually made on a palaash or banana leaf or a plate. This is a really thin steamed rice pancake. It is similar to the gujrati panki
Broccoli vada recipe
Do not add the ingredients unless you are ready to fry, because onion and salt will release water the dough will loose the consistency and break the vadais while frying.
Cashew Vada recipe
A unique and tasty recipe made by frying flattened balls of cashew paste in oil and sering with a garnishing of sugar.
Corn Vada recipe
Corn vada, this quick starter is a hit in any party and its a must try recipe. .
Corn Vadas recipe
Tasty deep fried vadas stuffed with sweetcorn. Eat as a snack or a starter for a party.
Healthy Sweet Potato Vada Pau recipe
Traditional vada pav dish prepared with sweet potato full of nutrition and health. A twist to the classic batata vada.
Idli Curd Vada recipe
A quick and tasty dish made from leftover idlis mixed with curds, coconut and chillies and other spices. Tastes like vadas but without the deep-frying.
Idli Vadas recipe
Idli vadas are simply amazing and melt in the mouth when served with coconut or green chutney. The chutney filled idli vadas are crunchy crispy and make for a delicious snack or breakfast item.
Kaara Vadai recipe
Kaara vadai is a deep fried vada recipe with urad dal and raw rice ground together into coarse paste and then dropped into hot oil. Serve hot with chutney.
Maddhur Vada recipe
A crispy and spicy Maddhur vada is prepared from a mixture comprising of rice flour, rava, all purpose flour and chopped onions, chillies, ginger and grated coconut. Enjoy these crunchy vadas with curd or green chutney and make your evening time an exciting one.
Maddur Vada  By Lakshmirajan recipe
Relish ths crispy maddur vadas crunchy hot and deep fried with coconut chutney or sauce.
Maddur Vada  By Namrata712 recipe
Hot and deep fried balls of sooji and maida mixed with onions, chillies and ghee.
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