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107 chocolate recipes

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चॉकलेट रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (chocolate recipes in Hindi)
ચૉકલેટ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (chocolate recipes in Gujarati)

109  Indian Chocolate recipes | Chocolate recipes collection

109 Chocolate recipes | Indian style Chocolate recipes. Chocolate! One of the most versatile ingredients is found in many forms and many flavours. The seeds of the cacao tree undergo many processes to form cacao mass which is boiled to get chocolate liquor. The liquor is further processed into two components: cocoa solids and cocoa butter.

 Nutella Chocolate Chip and Sea Salt CookiesNutella Chocolate Chip and Sea Salt Cookies

Finally, with the addition of cocoa solids, cocoa butter or vegetable oils and sugar in different proportions, we obtain chocolate. There are major 4 types of chocolate: milk, unsweetened, dark and white. They can either be in the form of slab, callets, chips, powder, sauce, etc.

 Chocolate PizzaChocolate Pizza

Readymade chocolates are widely sold in the form of candy bars. They are even perked up with confectionery ingredients like nuts, caramel, wafers, etc. Forget store-bought candies and try your hands on them.

Tempering Chocolate, chocolate recipes

The most basic recipe made with a chocolate slab is Tempered Chocolate. Tempering is a process to melt (Learn how to melt chocolate) and produce a crisp, satisfying snap of chocolate when you bite into it. It also provides a lustrous texture.

Chocolate Cheese ParathaChocolate Cheese Paratha

You can chop the slab and either melt it in a microwave or on a double boiler. Tempered chocolate can be swirled on an ice cream or pastry, you can even dip strawberries into it or cook a rich hot chocolate and homemade chocolates.

Almond RocksAlmond Rocks

You can use tempered chocolate to make delectable treats like Almond Rocks and White Chocolate Walnut Praline Rocks.

Wrap them in fancy paper and put them in a nice box and you are ready to give someone a handmade gift.

 White Chocolate Walnut Praline Rocks White Chocolate Walnut Praline Rocks

Indian style Chocolate Cakes, Chocolate recipes

Basic sponge cakes can be transformed into exotic treats like Death By Chocolate Pastry and Mango Chocolate Cake with an application of whipped cream and chocolate cream. Finish the cake with Chocolate Curls, chocolate vermicelli or chocolate truffle. One of my all-time favorites is the Black Forest Cake Recipe with intense chocolaty cake, sandwiched and coated with cream, dark chocolate flakes and juicy cherries.

 Chocolate Mousse Cake, Eggless Chocolate Mousse Recipe
Chocolate Mousse Cake, Eggless Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Cupcakes and Indian Beverage recipes made using Chocolate

Coca-Cola can be blended with ice-cream to obtain a frothy Cola Chocolate Ice Cream Float. It is very quick and easy to make and will surely be a hit at parties.

Also, you can try making the Banoffee Smoothie with a unique combination of bananas and coffee.

Cola Chocolate Ice Cream FloatCola Chocolate Ice Cream Float

Cupcakes are miniature cakes. A rich, velvety cupcake with buttery icing and various garnishes like Oreo crumble, edible silver balls, cherries etc. are loved by both adults and kids.

Chocolate Chip Cupcake and Choco Almond Cupcake with decadent chocolate frosting are not only appealing but also, delicious.

 Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake, Microwave Mug Cake Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake, Microwave Mug Cake

The combination of chocolate and strawberry with contrasting flavours will simply blow the mind and throw taste buds into a frenzy.

Chocolaty Strawberry Yoghurt Fantasy, Quick Strawberry and Chocolate Sundae and Strawberry Mousse Cake are three fabulous desserts that everyone will love.

 Quick Strawberry and Chocolate Sundae  Quick Strawberry and Chocolate Sundae

We are sure this sinful collection of Indian chocolate recipes have made you drool. Do try your hands on them and enjoy with your friends and family.

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If the peppermint cupcake is ideal for adults, then the chocolate chip cupcake is best-suited for kids—and for adults who are young at heart! children are sure to love this cupcake, where delicious chocolate chips play hide-and-seek. This cupcake has an unusual combo of both vanilla and chocolate fl ....
Fit for a festive day, but made without much sweat! Who can resist crisp, perfectly roasted almonds coated in chocolate? Cool well, and treat yourself to these crunchy delights, or wrap them up in attractive papers and gift them to a dear one. Ensure that the almonds are well roasted so that t ....
Don’t abstain from having dessert even when you are on a diet... we will teach you a few tricks to indulge your sweet tooth. The Low-Carb Chocolate Squares with Sea Salt is one such treat that you can enjoy occasi ....
Do you generally end up ordering Black Forest Cake from the baker’s because you think it takes too long to make? Next time, just bring home (or make by yourself) a chocolate sponge, and you can prepare the Black Forest Cake right in your kitchen and that too within minutes. The sugar-soaked ca ....
A double chocolate treat where two varieties of chocolate truffle (milky and dark) come together to delight your taste-buds.
An impressive cake with layers of refreshing orange filling, covered with rich chocolate.
A chiffon cake is like a princess – soft and tender, yet rich and royal!
Chocolate and almond are a made-for-each other combination—and they present an unforgettable duet in this luxurious cupcake. Almond, almond essence and melted chocolate make the frosting very different from the rest of the cupcakes; and a cherry on top gives the perfect finish to it! make it an unfo ....
Fit for a festive day, but made without much sweat! Who can resist crisp, perfectly roasted almonds coated in chocolate? Cool well, and treat yourself to these crunchy delights, or wrap them up in attractive papers and gift them to a dear one. Ensure that the almonds are well roasted so that t ....
The already rich chocolaty flavour of this cake is further reinforced with layered dark chocolate icing and kit kat chocolate.
Some things taste best at the zenith of gooeyness and cakes are no exception to this rule! you are sure to enjoy this saucy coffee flavoured cake.
Yummy rich dark chocolate sauce. The sauce consistency is free flowing and made by melting dark chocolate and adding honey and vanilla essence to give a lovely chocolate vanilla taste. Kids will love this sauce on its own. Use for ice cream toppings and sundaes.
A delicious, elegant no-fuss dessert that's a favourite with adults and kids alike.
A luscious dessert that you can quickly whip up when strawberries are in season. Colourful and juicy strawberry-blended yoghurt cream sandwiched between chocolaty biscuit layers, the chocolaty strawberry yoghurt fantasy is a brilliant treat that everybody will love. " it is also made with easily ava ....
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