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623 ginger-garlic paste recipes

Last Updated : Sep 18,2021

अदरक-लहसून की पेस्ट रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (ginger-garlic paste recipes in Hindi)
આદુ-લસણની પેસ્ટ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (ginger-garlic paste recipes in Gujarati)

621 ginger-garlic paste recipes | Ginger Garlic Paste Recipes in Indian cooking |

ginger-garlic paste recipes | Ginger Garlic Paste Recipes in Indian cooking | See our recipes using ginger garlic paste from Indian daily food using ginger garlic paste, Indian vegetables using ginger garlic paste, Indian curries and gravies using ginger garlic paste to starters using ginger garlic paste. So go head and out your ginger garlic paste to good use in Indian cooking.

Indian daily food using ginger and garlic paste 

Ginger and garlic paste is a must in every Indian household and this is very useful as it is used many of sabzis and curries. We have listed few of the subzis, dals and gravies.          

1. Dal Makhani smooth velvety texture and lovely flavour is a delicacy that is very much a dish of the Punjab. 

Dal Makhani
Dal Makhani

2. Achari Baingan most delicious methods of cooking brinjal or Baingan. The achaaris masala is very popular in Punjabi cooking and contrary to popular belief does not use any actual achaar or pickle. 

 Achari Baingan
Achari Baingan

3. Spicy Mixed Dal  traditional spices to give a tangy, spicy, delectable accompaniment for parathas and rotis. 

 Spicy Mixed Dal
Spicy Mixed Dal

4. Achari Chana Pulao fortified with kabuli chana, is perked up with an interesting assortment of spices ranging from nigella and fenugreek to fennel seeds and black cardamoms, along with some readymade spice powders too. 

Achari Chana Pulao, Pickled Kabuli Chana PulaoAchari Chana Pulao, Pickled Kabuli Chana Pulao

5. Navratna Korma  a delectable assortment of vegetables and fruits in an intense gravy burgeoning with cashew paste and cream. 

 Navratna Korma, Veg Navratan Korma Navratna Korma, Veg Navratan Korma

6. Dal Banjara a delicious dal recipe made with chiklewali urad dal and chana dal. It is derived from Rajasthan, however has gained popularity all over India due to its unique taste.

Dal Banjara, Rajasthani Dal Banjara

Dal Banjara, Rajasthani Dal Banjara

Indian Sabzis using ginger and garlic paste

Ginger and garlic in subzis .. enhances the taste of all the vegetables added to the subzis.. so adding a little and right quantity to the subzis, gives you the best flavour.

1. Mushroom Curry a cup of curd gives a creamy texture to the gravy while dry fenugreek leaves imparts a rich flavour, making the Curry a real tongue-tickler. 

 Mushroom Curry ( Cooking Under 10 Minutes)Mushroom Curry ( Cooking Under 10 Minutes)

2. Baingan Musasalam  a luscious texture and mouth-watering flavour. It has an intense flavour and aroma, which will linger on your palate for a long time. 

 Baingan Musasalam, Mughlai Baingan MasalaBaingan Musasalam, Mughlai Baingan Masala

3. Shalgam ki Sabzi  a member of the radish family that tastes much milder, is a winter vegetable that is strongly associated with Punjabi cuisine.

Shalgam ki SubziShalgam ki Subzi

4. Gobi Simla Mirch eems so common, but lends itself to a variety of preparations from everyday fare to exotic dishes. 

 Gobi Simla Mirch Gobi Simla Mirch

5. Aloo Mutter Tariwale Seems so common, but lends itself to a variety of preparations from everyday fare to exotic dishes.

Aloo Mutter Tariwale, Punjabi Tariwale Aloo MatarAloo Mutter Tariwale, Punjabi Tariwale Aloo Matar

Curries and gravies using ginger and garlic paste

These dishes are incomplete with ginger and garlic paste, you cannot afford to miss it out. Try the below recipes and you will experience the best of the dishes.

1. Lauki Kofta Curry simple recipe, cooking becomes not only less tedious but also healthier as the kofta are steamed rather than fried.

 Lauki Kofta CurryLauki Kofta Curry

2. Paneer Lababdar paneer ensures that this flavourful dish is low in fat but rich in calcium and protein. For the best outcome, use soft paneer cubes, ideally homemade! 

 Paneer LababdarPaneer Lababdar

3. Mushroom Curry Everything about this recipe is perfect including the simple garnish of coriander, which lends a quick burst of flavour and aroma to the curry just before serving.

 Mushroom Curry ( Cooking Under 10 Minutes)Mushroom Curry ( Cooking Under 10 Minutes)

4. Maa Ki Dal flavoured with tangy tomatoes, curds and cream- it’s a rich feeling you can enjoy. 

 Maa Ki DalMaa Ki Dal

5. Tittori Dal A wholesome Parsi dish made of sprouted and peeled vaal perked up with tangy tomatoes and crunchy onions in a soothing base of coconut milk.

Tittori DalTittori Dal

6. Beans and Vegetables in Tomato Gravy quite sumptuous and tastes awesome too, with the unmistakable tang of tomatoes and the lusciousness of fresh cream.   

 Beans and Vegetables in Tomato GravyBeans and Vegetables in Tomato Gravy

Starters using ginger and garlic paste

If you want super tasty starter, little bit of ginger and garlic paste in Indian starters does wonders to the dish, giving that extra taste to it. 

1. Cheese and Broccoli Tikkis tempt them the guest with these yummy tikkis made with a combination of broccoli and cheese.

Cheese and Broccoli Tikkis, Cheese Cutlet RecipeCheese and Broccoli Tikkis, Cheese Cutlet Recipe

2. Paneer Amritsari Tikka Succulent strips of paneer are marinated in a tongue-tickling mix of carom seeds and other spicy ingredients. 

 Paneer Amritsari Tikka ( Kebabs and Tikkis Recipe) Paneer Amritsari Tikka ( Kebabs and Tikkis Recipe)

3. Vegetable Cutlets needs no introduction, even to a little child! these Cutlets are by far one of the most popular snacks, not only in India but across the world.

 Vegetable Cutlets, Veg PattyVegetable Cutlets, Veg Patty

4. Aloo Paneer Mutter Chaat mouth-watering combo of succulent paneer, yummy potatoes and juicy green peas is perked up with tongue-tickling chutneys and spice powders to make a marvellous chaat.

 Aloo Paneer Mutter ChaatAloo Paneer Mutter Chaat

5. Veg Crispy a very popular starter in Chinese cuisine, this crisp, delicious dish is also quite convenient and quick to prepare.

Veg Crispy, Crispy Fried VegetablesVeg Crispy, Crispy Fried Vegetables

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