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 Popular Indian Cauliflower recipes

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Top 10 Indian Cauliflower Recipes (Gobi)

We see this beautiful Cauliflower vegetable all around us. Essentially a winter veggie, it is now available all round the year with minor price variations. Lush and attractive, just the sight of a cauliflower makes us want to pick one up. What seems to be a common vegetable, however, is one of the most versatile ones. From Indian to continental cuisine, Cauliflower fits beautifully into innumerable dishes. Not only that, take any dish—be it a subzi or a samosa—if you are short of veggies and need volume, you can safely add some cauliflower without worrying about whether it will spoil the taste.

Cauliflower absorbs flavours very well

Since it does not have a strong taste by itself, Cauliflower (like paneer and potatoes) absorbs the flavours of the dish very well. Whether you have it simple, boiled and seasoned with salt and pepper, or whether you add to a spicy subzi, it tastes equally good. You will be surprised to learn that the greens also taste equally good. Rather than throw it away, you can use the cauliflower greens to make amazingly tasty and healthy dishes like the Cauliflower greens and Besan Muthia or Moong Dal and Cauliflower Greens Appe.

Thoroughly clean your Cauliflower

One thing you need to be careful about when using Cauliflower, is that it should be cleaned thoroughly. As a side-effect of being nutritious and tasty, it also plays host to lots of tiny worms! So, make sure you wash the florets thoroughly, preferably in hot salted water, before using in any recipe. You must pay equal attention to washing the greens too. Once that’s done, you can indulge in a range of recipes such as Soups, Snacks and Starters , Parathas and subzis using cauliflower. This mailer gives you a sample of such recipes. You can find more on our website. Happy Cooking!

Popular Indian Cauliflower Recipes

Cauliflower, potatoes and onions make a winning combination, whether they come together in a pulao, a subzi, a sandwich or soup! The Cheesy Cauliflower Soup relies on this foolproof combination yet again, to create a sumptuous soup that gets a rich texture and flavour by using white sauce, cheese and fresh cream. As always, pepper provides a fitting finishing touch, which enhances as well as balances the rich flavour of the soup with its earthy aroma.
What a wonderful way to eat cauliflower! When combined with peanuts and coconut, cauliflower sheds its unpleasant smell and transforms into a delicacy. These stuffed cauliflower puris are indeed exotic and unique and can be served at parties too. But, remember they are Deep-fried Delights , so keep a tab on how much you eat, tempting though it is.
Lifafa parathas are shaped beautifully as envelopes, which hold sumptuous fillings inside them. They are a pretty sight to behold, sure to make you drool! So, let us not get in the way, as you get set to prepare these delicious parathas packed with an ever-popular combination of cauliflower and paneer perked up with green chillies and coriander. Make sure you cook the Cauliflower and Paneer Lifafa Paratha on a slow flame, so that the insides get properly cooked. You can just serve it with just plain curds or Mint Raita ( Phudina Raita) .
When you want to make something much more peppy than plain cauliflower bhajiyas, try this tongue-tickling Cauliflower in Schezuan Sauce. The batter of cornflour and maida makes the cauliflower really crunchy upon deep-frying, while the gravy of spring onions, Schezuan sauce, tomato ketchup, etc., gives it an irresistible flavour. Make sure you serve this immediately on preparation, before the cauliflower florets become soggy. This easy Chinese recipe can be served as a starter at parties, provided you can serve it immediately, else you can try it as an after-school snack or a special addition to dinner.
How often we find ourselves picking lush cauliflowers at the market, only to quickly discard the greens and stow the cauliflower head alone into the fridge! Well, this recipe will help you discover the goodness of this often unused part of the cauliflower. The greens are a great source of iron and folic acid, which are must-have nutrients for mums-to-be. The Cauliflower Greens and Besan Muthia is a tasty and healthy steamed snack, which will help you boost your iron and folic acid reserves and build up your haemoglobin stores. You will also thoroughly relish the yummy texture and lingering flavour of these traditionally-tempered muthias. If you are looking out for more nutritious iron rich recipes for pregnancy check these out Chawli Masoor Dal , Nachni Ladoos , Ragi and Oat Crackers and Matki and Jowar Paratha .
Crispy Fried Cauliflower served with salsa is an experience perfect for snack lovers. Parboiled florets of cauliflower, coated with a plain flour batter and rolled in bread crumbs are deep-fried to produce a crunchy snack that is soft and succulent inside. This mildly flavoured snack together with pungent salsa makes a perfect Mexican starter . What is more, the salsa is so easy to prepare, so you can prepare it even on a short notice. Just ensure that you serve this combo soon after preparation. You can also try other Mexican starters like Mexican Tarts with Refried Beans and Sour Cream and Guacamole Onion Rings .
There is something magical about cauliflower. It seems so common, but lends itself to a variety of preparations from everyday fare to exotic dishes. Here, for example, it combines with peppy capsicum, everyday spices and spice powders to make a tongue-tickling Gobi Simla Mirch that you can serve with roti or enjoy just by itself! You will surely enjoy the tang lent by tomatoes and the super aromatic touch of kasuri methi in this mouth-watering dish. Besides subzi, cauliflower can be used to make Cauliflower Parathas , Cauliflower and Oats Tikki and Cauliflower and Broccoli Pie .
Indian cauliflower stir fry recipe | 15 minute cauliflower stir fry | healthy cauliflower stir fry | low carb cauliflower stir fry | with 11 amazing images. Indian cauliflower stir fry recipe is a simple recipe which can be enjoyed as main meal for lunch or dinner or even evening snack time. It is quick to make too, thus named 15 minute cauliflower stir fry. Learn how to make healthy cauliflower stir fry. To make low carb cauliflower stir fry, heat the oil in a deep non-stick pan and sauté the cauliflower along with some salt. Cover with a lid and cook the cauliflower for about 8 minutes. Keep tossing in between to avoid the cauliflower from being burnt. Sprinkle some water and again cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Finally add some garlic powder, salt and black pepper powder and toss well. The stir fry is ready. Cauliflower is a low carb veggie and a smart choice for those on weight-loss diet. All you need to do is not fry it. Sauté it as done in the recipe of Indian cauliflower stir fry recipe. It also abounds in vitamin C which helps to add glow to your skin, build your immune system to fight against diseases and protects the lining of your eyes as well. Of course, some amount of Vitamin C is lost in cooking, but you will benefit from the remaining. Being rich in Indoles, Cauliflower and other Cruciferous Vegetables like broccoli, kale, radish, brussel sprouts, red cabbage maintain Estrogen balances. Estrogen hormone is more important to women and also called the female sex hormone which is crucial for reproductive development. So don’t miss on trying out this healthy cauliflower stir fry. 15 minute cauliflower stir fry is relished best off the tava. Serve as a side dish with Hakka Noodles or Chinese Fried Rice . Enjoy Indian cauliflower stir fry recipe | 15 minute cauliflower stir fry | healthy cauliflower stir fry | low carb cauliflower stir fry | with step by step photos.
Ever thought of using cauliflower greens to make a mouth-watering snack? Well, here is a unique recipe that uses yellow moong dal and cauliflower greens to make sumptuous appe. Cauliflower greens are a rich source of iron, which helps you stay energetic all day long. Although very easy to make, the Moong Dal and Cauliflower Greens Appe requires a little pre-planning of soaking the dal. Make the appe just before serving, as they stiffen over time.
Here goes, another example to show that healthy foods can be very tasty too. This fabulous recipe makes use of cauliflower and green peas, along with other complementary veggies like onions and a coconut-based masala. Cooked with little oil, this tempting, aromatic subzi makes for guilt-free eating!


Popular Indian Cauliflower recipes
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We punjabis alway has cauliflower in our meal one day or other. Gobi ke parathe and gobi ki subzis we make very often by referring Madamji ki recipes. Through this article and recipe collection, new idea is of using cauliflower in your cooking is explore. I tried Moong Dal-cauliflower Appe, crispy cauliflower, cauliflower in Schezuan Sauce and stir-fry cauliflower at home. Was made good, tasty and all our home sardars liked it.