canned peaches

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These are succulent, thirst quenching, and ready-to-eat peach in cans. Naturally sweet peach fruit satisfies all taste buds. It is very handy for desserts, appetizers, salads or as an ingredient for cooked dishes

Chopped canned peaches
Remove the peaches and place on a chopping board and cut them into 1/4 inch thick pieces using a sharp knife. If the recipe calls for the peaches to be finely chopped, then chop them into smaller pieces and use as required.

How to Select
Choose ripe, mature fruits of ideal quality for canning at home. Commercially Canned pears are available in slices or halves. Soaking canned pear in cold water for half an hour will remove some of the tinny flavor.

Culinary Uses
· Canned peach, with its sweet flavor, is a great complement to all types of dishes including appetizers, main dishes, salads, side dishes and desserts. They can be chopped or sliced as per the recipe requirement.

How to Store
Commercially-canned peaches can be stored in a cool cupboard unopened for up to one year. Opened canned peaches should be refrigerated and used within one week.

Health Benefits
· Though Fresh Peaches should be consumed for its nutritional benefits but canned ones are also relished equally.
· Only thing is to monitor on the sugar content, diabetics have to be ale.