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25 canned peaches recipes

Last Updated : Dec 26,2018

कॅन्ड पीच रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (canned peaches recipes in Hindi)
કૅન્ડ પીચ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (canned peaches recipes in Gujarati)

25 Canned peaches recipes | Canned peach dessert recipes

canned peaches recipes. canned peaches used for desserts.  Peach is a stone fruit that is juicy and fleshy with a velvety, fuzzy outside skin. Sometimes when peaches aren’t available in the market, we can make use of canned peaches to make desserts. Canned peaches are softer, juicier, succulent peaches that are ready to eat. They are preserved in cans and hence last longer. They are generally sold as peach halves and can easily be used for desserts, or even snacking.

Canned Peach Recipes for Desserts

Peach and Lemon TartPeach and Lemon Tart

Peaches are a sweet fruit that taste superb in a dessert! One of my absolute favorites is the Peach Custard! This recipe is super easy to make and only requires a few ingredients. Just serve the warm custard over the sweet peaches, top with the brown sugar and bake will the sugar caramelizes nicely made enjoy warm! The sweetness of the peaches really complements the zestiness of lemon in Peach and Lemon Tarts. The crusty tart, with bits of chikki served in it, along with whipped cream, soft peaches and lemon rind make for a super dessert for a party. 

In every scenario the best dessert to serve is always ice-cream. We always find peach ice-cream at different dessert places but never really think of making this particular flavor at home. What many don’t know is that Peach Ice-cream is extremely easy to make. The smoothness of the pureed peaches with the texture of the condensed milk makes the ice-cream delicious.

Innovative Canned Peach Recipes

Chocolate Cinnamon Peaches, Stuffed Canned Peaches with Vanilla Ice-creamChocolate Cinnamon Peaches, Stuffed Canned Peaches with Vanilla Ice-cream

Some might think that canned peaches will present a very limited option as to their uses, but that is not the case. The whole canned peaches, stuffed with chocolate, cinnamon and crushed cookies, when served with cold vanilla ice cream, makes for the ideal Christmas dessert.  These Stuffed Peaches can be served anytime or after any party as a dessert. The peaches are a great addition to salads as well. A simple Broccoli and Peach Salad with a curd dressing, served chilled, tastes brilliant and different.

Enjoy our canned peaches recipes. canned peaches used for dessert recipes below.

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Peach custard is a warm and delicious dessert that can be the perfect ending to a cosy dinner party! Sweet canned peaches are topped with yummy custard and brown sugar, and baked till the brown sugar melts. The caramelised sugar gives a wonderful aroma and flavour to the dessert. Try other e ....
A mouth-watering filling of peach and whipped cream on a crusty tart makes this an irresistible dessert, ideal to serve at birthday and kitty parties. It is so tasty and looks so dainty that no one can stop with just one! Keep the tarts chilled, and spoon out the filling onto the tarts just befo ....
Peach is a very pleasant fruit. Everything about it – the soft texture, the mild taste and the soothing scent – is very appealing. Here is an easy and tasty Peach Sauce for Desserts and Ice-Creams, which is made with canned peaches and lemon juice. You can use it to jazz up ice-creams like the < ....
The Lemon and Peach Delight is a kid’s dream come true – and equally enjoyable for adults too! A layer of canned peaches is covered with tangy and wobbly jelly and refrigerated, to make this awesome dessert. Shaped like a ring, this dainty treat is a pretty sight to behold. Its lemony aroma is ....
The mellow flavour and pleasant aroma of peaches go very well with the spicy notes of cinnamon and dry ginger. This winning formula is the secret behind the success of this soft and spongy cake. Canned peaches and crunchy walnuts are worked into the cake batter, which is beautifully flavoured ....
The Cinnamon Peach Ice-Cream is a quick and easy treat that does not require any cooking. A blend of cold milk and condensed milk gives the ice-cream its luscious mouth-feel, while canned peaches give it a fruity flavour. The brilliance of this ice-cream, however, comes from the addition of cinn ....
A mind-blowing Italian dessert of ice-cream served on a based of chocolate-stuffed peaches. The cinnamon-tinged dark chocolat ....
A pleasant concoction of canned peaches in thickened fruit syrup, peach stew can be served warm or cold as a simple dessert or used as part of other creations. The lemon juice balances the flavour of the fruit syrup and imparts a fresh aroma to the stew.
Lovely cooking pastries, filled with creamy custard, for special parties.
Sherry makes all the difference to this rich gateau.
An ice-cream with the delicate flavouring of peach and cinnamon.
The party ice - cream.
What a combination! vibrant broccoli and flavourful peaches brought together in a creamy curd dressing loaded with crunchy veggies, indeed this is a treat for food-lovers. You will love the interplay of mustard with the curds, as also the unique topping of almond slivers which adds to the crunch of ....
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