canned pineapple

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These are delicious, juicy, ready-to-eat pineapple in cans. Naturally sweet pineapple fruit satisfies all tastes. It is very convenient for desserts, appetizers, salads or as an ingredient for cooked dishes.
Canned pineapples are prepared in many ways - slices, pieces, crushed in juice or syrup to satisfy all preferences. It can be canned in various forms - slices, chunks or crushed pineapple.

How to Select
Canned pineapple is available in slices, chunks, crushed. Soaking canned pineapple in cold water for half an hour will remove some of the tinny flavor.

Culinary Uses
" Canned pineapple, with its sweet tangy flavor, is a great complement to all types of dishes including appetizers, main dishes, salads, side dishes and desserts.

How to Store
Store unopened cans in a cool, dry place. Keep in the refrigerator if you prefer chilled pineapple. After opening, store unused pineapple in a glass or plastic container in your refrigerator. Canned pineapple can be stored up to one year on the shelf in a cool, dry cabinet. Leftover canned pineapple should be refrigerated in its juice in a covered container and consumed within a week. While this process will not make the fruit any sweeter, it will help it to become softer and juicier. Yet, as they are very perishable, you should still watch them closely during this period to ensure that they do not spoil.

Health Benefits
" Though Fresh Pineapple is best consumed for its nutrional benefits but canned ones are also relished equally.
" Only thing is to monitor on the sugar content, diabetics have to be alert.

Canned pineapple cubes
Place the pineapple slices from the tin on a chopping board and chop into cubes of desired size and use as required.