low fat butter

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Also known as
Butter substitute

Butter is often associated with being a carrier of high amounts of cholesterol, trans fats, saturated fats and sodium Low fat butter spreads also contain plant sterols and stanols which actively block the absorption of cholesterol, making these spreads much healthier alternatives to regular butter.

How to select
• Whether formed into sticks or processed into spreads, low fat butter is available in almost all grocery stores.
• Ensure that the butter is stored in refrigerated conditions.
• The butter varietals that you buy must be low in saturated fats and more importantly be absolutely trans fat free.
• Please check the expiration date.

Culinary Uses
• Replace regular butter in recipes with low fat butter.
• This butter is suitable for cooking as it can be heated to high temperatures.
• For sautéing, shallow fry using low fat butter as a nutritious alternative.
• Use low fat butter, in baking recipes, replacing regular butter as an ingredient in the making of pie crusts, cakes, casseroles, and many other desserts.
• Melted low fat butter also works well as an additive to baked potatoes and as a topping on cooked green vegetables.
• At snack time, melted low fat butter is a healthier topper for freshly popped popcorn.

How to store
• Since it is a perishable product, always store under refrigerated conditions.
• Keep away from excess light and moisture

Health benefits
• Low fat butter is low in saturated fat and has no dietary cholesterol.
• However, it is high in trans fatty acids which lower the levels of good cholesterol. Thus, ensure that you purchase low fat butter which is trans fat free.