powdered almonds

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Almonds can be powdered raw or roasted and can be grinded into a blender. It can be powdered finely or coarsely, as per one's choice and recipie demands. One can also add sugar along with it and blend it together for any food preparation. Sifting the powdered mixture through a very fine sieve will give it an a very good texture.

How to Select
Choose Almonds that are still in their shells. Purchase whole almonds to powder it. Look for shells that are not split, moldy or stained. Look for almonds that are uniform in color and not limp or shriveled. In addition, smell the almonds. They should smell sweet and nutty; if their odor is sharp or bitter, they are rancid.

Culinary Uses
" The chief use of it is to thicken the gravies imparting a rich taste.
" Ground almonds can be mixed with water to make almond milk.
" It is very popularly used to coat various sweet and savoury food items.
" Almond powder blends well when whipped with cream or sweet cream.

How to Store
It can be stored best in an air tight container, in refrigerator. Although it's best to powder in small quantities and do it as required to avoid rancidity or any kind of spoilage.