Kiwi Pastry ( Cakes and Pastries)

Kiwi Pastry ( Cakes and Pastries)

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No doubt kiwi is an exotic fruit here in india – this pastry presents it in an equally exciting and exotic form!

Kiwi Pastry ( Cakes and Pastries) recipe - How to make Kiwi Pastry ( Cakes and Pastries)

Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Total Time:     4Makes 4 pastries
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For The Gateau
1 vanilla cake [175 mm (7”)]
1/2 cup sugar syrup
a few drops of vanilla essence
2 cups whipped cream
1 cup finely chopped kiwi
1 cake board

Finish The Gateau
1/2 cup whipped cream
2 kiwi
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp water
2 tbsp glycerin
disposable piping bag fitted with no.5 star nozzle

For the gateau

    For the gateau
  1. Slice the vanilla cake horizontally into 3 equal parts. Keep aside.
  2. Combine the sugar syrup and vanilla essence in a bowl to make the soaking syrup and keep aside.
  3. Soak the bottom layer of the chocolate cake with 1/3 of the soaking syrup.
  4. Spread ½ cup of cream on the soaked layer of the cake.
  5. Put ½ cup of kiwis on top and sandwich with the second layer of the cake.
  6. Repeat the steps 3-5 to make 1 more layer on top.
  7. Soak the topmost layer of the cake with the remaining soaking syrup.
  8. Spread the remaining cream evenly on top and at the sides.
  9. Transfer the cake onto a cake board and refrigerate for 20 minutes to set.

Finish the gateau

    Finish the gateau
  1. Peel the kiwis and cut into thick wedges.
  2. Fill the plastic disposable piping bag (fitted with a no 5 star nozzle) with the whipped cream.
  3. Make an arch border at the circumference of the cake: to do this,l squeeze the piping bag and allow the cream to come out gently– do not lift the bag.
  4. Gradually relax your pressure as you lower the tip until it touches the surface. Stop pressure and without lifting it off the surface start forming your next arc form and continue to make an even chain.
  5. Heat the sugar and water over gentle flame till the sugar dissolves.
  6. Add the glycerine and heat till you get a syrup of coating consistency.
  7. Cool the syrup and put the kiwis into it.
  8. Remove the kiwi pieces and place on top of the cake.
  9. Cut into 4 equal wedges and serve.
Nutrient values (Abbrv) per pastry
Energy888 cal
Protein9.8 g
Carbohydrates145.6 g
Fiber3.3 g
Fat29.7 g
Cholesterol82.7 mg
Sodium277 mg