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Most households have a few Squashes and Syrups handy in the kitchen, to entertain sudden guests within minutes, without much ado. These drinks, like say a glassful of Kokum Sherbet , can also be lifesavers when you come home tired on a hot day and want some instant refreshment.

Just take a few tablespoons of the squash or syrup, dilute with water and your favourite drink is ready to relish!

Mint is always a great value-add to any citrus flavour, be it orange or lemon. Mint leaves mixed into a tangy orange-flavoured soda makes a totally refreshing drink like this Mint and Orange Drink, which is wonderful to have chilled on a hot summer’s day. So are lemon and khus syrup like the Khus Lime Cup.

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स्कॉवश / सिरप - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Squash / Syrups recipes in Hindi)
સ્ક્વૉશ / સીરપ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Squash / Syrups recipes in Gujarati)

Kokum Sherbet, Kokam Sharbat Recipe recipe
kokum juice recipe | kokum sherbet | kokum sharbat | traditional kokum juice benefits | with step by step photos. kokum juice is a pleasing drink to overcome sun ....
Sugar Syrup, How To Make Sugar Syrup for Drinks and Desserts recipe
sugar syrup recipe | easy homemade simple syrup | how to make sugar syrup | sugar syrup for cakes, pastries and drinks | with 6 amazing images. sugar syrup recipe
Lemongrass Iced Tea, Indian Style recipe
lemongrass iced tea recipe | Indian style lemongrass iced tea | hare chai ki patti iced tea | with 10 amazing images. lemongrass iced tea recipe is also called hare chai ....
Indian Mint and Orange Drink, Soda recipe
mint and orange drink recipe | refreshing orange mint soda | Indian orange pudina drink | with 20 amazing images. mint and orange drink recipe | refreshing orange mint ....
Saunf Sherbet ( Microwave Recipe) recipe
A delicious cooling drink for summers which helps keep dehydration at bay.
Khus Lime Cup, Khus Lime Float recipe
Lemon and khus are both summer buddies! These flavours tend to provide a sense of relief from the heat, rebooting our sapped cells to face the rest of the day. Here, we bring together lemon juice and khus syrup with two more of your summer favourites – ice-cream and soda, to make a refreshing Khus L ....
Cinderella (  Cooking with Kids) recipe
Despite the girlish name, this drink will be loved by both boys and girls as it combines tangy strawberry syrup with tangier lemon juice and a good helping of healthy and tasty fruits. Cinderella looks good, tastes good and works good – it is sure to boost you up, even from the lowest energy lev ....
Orange Soda with Vanilla Ice- Cream recipe
Who doesn’t love ice-cream soda on a hot summer’s afternoon? indeed, it is a joy that crosses boundaries of age, location, et al. Here, ice-cream soda gets all the more refreshing as the soda is flavoured with orange squash. Tangy orange and plain vanilla are a realistic and enjoyable combo, as you ....
Sgroppino recipe
Pronounced as gropino, with the "S" silent. This is a non-alcoholic slushy cooler, which can be spiked with any spirit of your choice if you like at step 1.
Shirley Temple ( Party Drinks ) recipe
Shirley temple, you cannot shut children out of parties today! so, it would be wise to have a drink to offer them too. The shirley temple is a perfect choice. It is often served to children dining with elders to let them share the experience of drinking a mocktail, which is why it is sometimes calle ....
Lemon Squash Solar recipe
Lemon squash solar is a thick concentrate of sugar and lime. It is economical as it is prepared under the sun. Mix with water and serve.
Sweet Lime Squash recipe
This is a sweet lime squash recipe,which is healthy and tasty. Kids will love this squash if served chilled as soon as they come from school.
Nannari Sharbat recipe
Nannari Sharbat is a popular summer drink recipe with nannari roots ground into paste and then served on a bed of crushed ice. A cooling and refreshing sherbet or juice recipe for hot summers.
Kairi herbal squash recipe
Tasty,cheap and healthy
Pineapple Squash recipe
Bottles should be kept boiling till syrup ready and bottled
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