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ब्रेड नाश्ता के रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Bread Snack recipes in Hindi)
બ્રેડ - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Bread Snack recipes in Gujarati)

Masala Egg Bread recipe
Masala egg bread is an interesting breakfast or packed tiffin choice, with the bread slices dipped in spicy egg mixture and then shallow fried. Enjoy the masala egg bread with ketchup or green coriander chutney.
Masala Vaale Breadtoast recipe
A super snack that gets ready in minutes to enjoy on a cold and rainy evening. Here ghee is preferred for taste. If you are concerned about health use oil. Enjoy the toast with a hot cup of tea or coffee.
Meethi Bread recipe
Discover the secret of preparing the perfect sweet or meethi bread by soaking the breads in milk and then roasting them lightly with ghee. An excellent breakfast recipe, especially for children.
Mexican Bread Roll recipe
Creamy dreamy pudding is a lip smacking pudding recipe which can be prepared at home within minutes. The biscuits are dipped in coconut milk and topped with fresh cream. The creamy dreamy pudding is sure to appeal to you and your guests alike.
Mushroom  Loaf recipe
Mushroom loaf exhibits a simple recipe to prepare a vegetarian loaf recipe with mushrooms and a boost of flavours with pepper, nuts, vegetables and herbs.
Mushroom and Capscicum Sandwich recipe
Can add any other vegetable of your choice.
Open Noodlesandwich recipe
Enjoy the freshly prepared unique Open noodle sandwich by cooking the noodles first and then placing it on the top of bread slices along with chillies. Add a generous dose of grated cheese and bake this delightful sandwich recipe till the cheese melts.
Orange Tea Bread recipe
Orange tea bread is an English style prepared breakfast bread recipe with a nice orange tinge rendered by addition of orange juice and rind to the flour mix. The orange breads are sliced and served fresh out of the oven with tea or milk.
Peppery Tart with Pizza Bread recipe
This recipe is loaded with lots of nutrient and very useful way to use left over pizza base. It has peppery and tangy flavour with nutritious custard.
Pizza Base Garlic Bread with Italian Dip recipe
This is yet another recipe made of pizza base something different from regular pizza . Italian dip served with it make it truly an authentic Italian dish.
Potato Pinwheel Snacks recipe
Potato with a twist!!
Pumpkin Bread recipe
Enjoy the popular and delicious Pumpkin bread with your evening tea or coffee. The easiest and quickest way to prepare the flavoursome pumpkin bread from flour, canned pumpkins,soy floureggwhites and baking soda is here. Add a pinch of clove and cinnamon powder and bake the bread till done. Enjoy th ....
Ribbon Sandwich  By sonia_thamman recipe
Ribbon sandwiches is a simple sandwich recipe which is made appealing by cutting lengthwise in ribbons. The bread slices are spread with green chutney and tomato ketchup alternately and filled with cheese and vegetables.
Rolly Polly Buns recipe
This mouth watering open sandwich can be served as a filling snack for kids and even as a side dish for a cocktail party
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