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आसान / सरल केक - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Easy, Simple Indian Cakes recipes in Hindi)
આસાન / સરળ કેક - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Easy, Simple Indian Cakes recipes in Gujarati)

Easy Simple Indian Cake Recipes, Eggless

Easy Simple Indian Cake Recipes | Eggless easy cakes | Making cakes itself is an art. Here we come up with simple and easy cake recipes that you would love to prepare at home, where you have to not put much effort and techniques to make it. This cakes work best for any kind of home parties or celebration. Try making this cake and impress your guest, it will taste like you have spent many hours making the cake. 

 Top 5 reason why these cakes are easy and simple 

  • The ingredients in all the cake recipes are easily available in the market.
  • Very easy and simple instruction to follow.
  • Not very elaborated recipes.
  • Lot of option to make cakes,for variety of occasions.
  • We have option to bake cake without an oven too.

Easy Indian cakes

Pineapple Sponge Cake perfect for vegetarians and you could also buy it from Indian bakery stores easily. A simple yet super exotic recipe which is pineapple sponge cake. It’s a sinful dessert to indulge in.

 Pineapple Sponge CakePineapple Sponge Cake


Eggless Semolina and Coconut Cake an enjoyably crumbly texture cake, with the flakiness of coconut makes the total effect mind-blowing. Plum Cake, this is absolutely authentic in taste and sure to steal your hearts.  Lemon Cake with pleasant citrusy tinge tastes great when served warm with tea.

Easy simple eggless cakes

Pressure Cooker Rava Cake with the crunch of nuts and an aesthetic touch of cardamom, made easily in a pressure cooker, and does not require an oven. 

 Pressure Cooker Rava Cake, Eggless Sooji Cake Recipe Pressure Cooker Rava Cake, Eggless Sooji Cake Recipe

Vanilla Cupcakes vanilla flavoured cake one of the most exciting and useful of all, because it’s nice soothing taste and mouth-feel complement any flavour beautifully.

 Biscuit Cake. It's intensely chocolaty flavour, balanced by the salty crispness of digestive biscuits, is a heavenly experience that will delight your senses. All the ingredients readily available in every household.. 

Happy Cooking!

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Orange Cake, Eggless Orange Slice Cake recipe
The pleasant hue and fresh citrusy aroma of this Orange Cake are sure to attract you! And when you do bite into a slice, the outcome will be even better than what you expected because the fresh orange juice and orange rind used in the batter give this cake a very refreshing flavour, comparable to th ....
Eggless Plum Cake, Indian Style Christmas Plum Cake recipe
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Chocolate Cake recipe
Who can resist the temptation of sinking their teeth into a soft, rich and gooey chocolate cake? An all-time favourite, the Chocolate Cake fits perfectly into any occasion , and is a must-add to everybody’s cooking folders. This intensely-fla ....
Eggless Semolina and Coconut Cake recipe
eggless semolina and coconut cake recipe | easy Indian rava cake | egg free coconut cake | suji cake | eggless semolina and coconut cake is a dessert steeped in I ....
Eggless Lemon Cake, Indian Style Lemon Cake recipe
eggless lemon cake | Indian style lemon cake | vegetarian lemon cake | no egg lemon cake | Make this simple eggless lemon cake with easily available ingredients i ....
Microwave Chocolate Sponge Cake in 5 Minutes, Indian Style recipe
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Vanilla Cupcakes recipe
Somehow, the word ‘vanilla’ has been misused in the English language as an expression that means plain or ordinary, but ask any cake lover and they will swear by the versatility of vanilla! Indeed, be it a sponge or a cupcake, the vanilla flavoured one is the most exciting and useful of all, bec ....
Biscuit Cake, Chocolate Biscuit Cake recipe
This Biscuit Cake is a head-turner, with its fabulously good looks. But that’s not all. Its intensely chocolaty flavour, balanced by the salty crispness of digestive biscuits, is a heavenly experience that will delight your senses. The Biscuit Cake is quite easy to make, as it is quickly prepared by ....
Pressure Cooker Rava Cake, Eggless Sooji Cake Recipe recipe
Here is a spongy rava based cake with the crunch of nuts and an aesthetic touch of cardamom. The best part about the cake is that it is made easily in a pressure cooker, and does not require an oven. Curds and milk combine to give this Pressure Cooker Rava Cake its rich flavour and texture w ....
Guilt Free Lemon Cheesecake recipe
Creamy, tangy cheesecakes are unarguably the best way to pamper your sweet tooth, but unfortunately they can be quite fattening too. Not anymore! This Guilt-Free Lemon Cheesecake cuts down on the fat by slashing the sugar content, and using low-fat cream cheese and low-fat butter. The su ....
Strawberry Praline Cake recipe
The Strawberry Praline Cake is a heavenly treat of orange-tinged Nice biscuits coated with whipped cream and layered with juicy fresh strawberries and a crunchy powder of mixed nuts chikki. The chikki must be crushed coarsely in order to get the nice crunch, which is typical of pralines. The mel ....
Chocolate Chip Cupcake ( Cupcakes Recipe) recipe
If the peppermint cupcake is ideal for adults, then the chocolate chip cupcake is best-suited for kids—and for adults who are young at heart! children are sure to love this cupcake, where delicious chocolate chips play hide-and-seek. This cupcake has an unusual combo of both vanilla and chocolate fl ....
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Butter Cream Icing, with Eggs recipe
This melt-in-the-mouth cake is sure to make your heart melt! Indeed, with a rich buttery-chocolaty flavour and an awesomely fluffy texture, the cake is a delight, which is made all the more delightful by the layers of buttercream. Canned cherries are the perfect garnish for this brilliant cake, ....
Strawberry and Pineapple Praline Cake recipe
Praline gives any dessert an irresistible appeal, with its interesting crunch and delightful sweetness. It is easy to recreate the same praline effect using crushed mixed nut chikki. You just need to be careful to crush the chikki coarsely so you actually meet tidbits of it when you munch on the ....
Cinnamon Peach Cake recipe
The mellow flavour and pleasant aroma of peaches go very well with the spicy notes of cinnamon and dry ginger. This winning formula is the secret behind the success of this soft and spongy cake. Canned peaches and crunchy walnuts are worked into the cake batter, which is beautifully flavoured ....
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