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आसान करी रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Easy Vegetarian Curry recipes in Hindi)
સરળ કરી રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Easy Vegetarian Curry recipes in Gujarati)

60 Easy Vegetarian Curry Recipes, Indian Easy Veg Curry recipes

Easy Vegetarian Curry Recipes, Indian Easy Veg Curry recipes

 Green Peas Masala Curry ( Quick Recipe)  Green Peas Masala Curry ( Quick Recipe)

5 reasons why vegetarian curries are easy 

·       Simple recipes to follow with detail instruction.

·       Easily available ingredients.

·       Healthy option for health-conscious people.

·        All curries and gravies go well with Indian breads and rice.

·        Best for lunch and dinner .    

 Kashmiri Dum Aloo  Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Easy Indian vegetarian main course curry

Double Beans Curry very commonly used in gujarati cuisine, as the sole star of a recipe or to support other vegetables. Rajma Curry no meal can be more satiating. This famous combination of rajma curry recipe + chawal is a complete one meal dinner and healthy protein for Vegetarians. 

 Rajma Curry, Punjabi Rajma Masala RecipeRajma Curry, Punjabi Rajma Masala Recipe

Green Peas Masala Curry a delightful accompaniment that can be made in a jiffy using frozen peas, readily available spice powders.

 Dudhi and Chana Dal Sabzi The best part is that this no-fuss, no-sweat recipe is made with ingredients that you are sure to have at home!

 Dudhi and Chana Dal Sabzi Dudhi and Chana Dal Sabzi

Easy Indian vegetarian curry sabzis

Dum Aloo this recipe is simply low of effort yet the outcome is supremely delicious. If you are looking forward to treat your family with some good Indian food. Khumbh Aur Baby Corn Subzi  gravy takes you back to the Mughal era with its pungent flavour and dense mouth-feel.  

 Dum Aloo, Popular Restaurant Style Punjabi Dum Aloo Dum Aloo, Popular Restaurant Style Punjabi Dum Aloo

Kadai Paneer all-time favourite paneer dish is so popular because of the rich texture and intense flavour of the gravy, which results from the interplay of ingredients. 

Kadai PaneerKadai Paneer

 Hara Chana Coconut Curry with Methi Muthia Deep-fry dumplings of fenugreek leaves bound together by wheat flour and besan, you get really tasty Methi Muthias

 Hara Chana Coconut Curry with Methi Muthia Hara Chana Coconut Curry with Methi Muthia

Easy Indian gravy sabzi

Mor Kuzhambu Curd Curry is marked by its mild tang, creamy mouth feel and rich in taste.

More KuzhambuMore Kuzhambu

Quick Potato Curry a simple tomato base and common spices, the focus is definitely on the potatoes! although very easy to make, curry is an ever-popular dish that is frequently made in most households, especially if there are children around. 

Pithore Kadhi Rajasthani delicacy that looks somewhat like dhokla but is actually very different in taste, texture and preparation. Dapka Kadhi served with rotlas, green chillies and garlic chutney is a sumptuous and satiating meal worth a million dollars!

 Pithore KadhiPithore Kadhi

Fansi dhokli is a nice Gujarati curry made of besan dumplings and French beans. 

 Fansi Dhokli ( Gujarati Recipe) Fansi Dhokli ( Gujarati Recipe)

Healthy Indian curry sabzi

Hyderabadi Baghara Baingan Subzi with the lingering flavour of spices, ranging from nigella and sesame seeds to coriander and cumin, comes to us in a surprising zero cholesterol format. Kaddu ka Bharta The alkali producing vegetable, prepared in this delicious form, is sure to earn great fanfare amongst those facing acidity problems. 

Hyderabadi Baghara BainganHyderabadi Baghara Baingan

Corn Palak Sabzi  Palak is one of the fat-free ways of adding antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin A and folate. These together will work to keep your heart free of diseases.

 Corn Palak Sabzi, Healthy Sweet Corn Spinach Sabzi Corn Palak Sabzi, Healthy Sweet Corn Spinach Sabzi

Usal a traditional Maharashtrian preparation made healthier using an assortment of sprouted pulses..


Dahi chane ki sabzi. Pulses along with curds improve the protein and calcium content of this recipe. Fibre and iron are also well represented.

 Dahi Chane ki Subzi
 Dahi Chane ki Subzi

Happy Cooking!

Enjoy our Easy Vegetarian Curry Recipes, Indian Easy Veg Curry recipes and other Sabzi recipe articles below. 

Sabzis, Curries recipes

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