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Hyderabadi Indian Bread, Kulcha, Naan, Paratha 

Each region has its specific type of flatbread and indigenous ways of making them. Rotis, parathas and a variety of flatbreads are perfect accompaniment to relish with subzis and dals.

हैदराबादी पराठे - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Hyderabadi Indian Bread recipes in Hindi)
હૈદરાબાદી પરોઠા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Hyderabadi Indian Bread recipes in Gujarati)

Hyderabadis have their own authentic flatbreads like the Sheermal, Bakar Khani Naan, Bidari Paratha, Hyderabadi Paneer Potato Kulcha.


Tandoori naan is the most famous Punjabi flatbread. Usually made with plain flour, sometimes to improve their texture, ingredients like curd, baking powder, baking soda or yeast are added to the dough. Influenced by the Moghul era, Sheermal a mildly-sweet, saffron-flavoured naan is a popular delight across the Indo-Pak sub-continent. The application of little ghee before serving accentuates the aroma manifold.

Hyderabadi Paneer Potato KulchaHyderabadi Paneer Potato Kulcha

A spicy mixture of paneer and potato, stuffed and rolled thin, roasted on a tava with ghee gives the Hyderabadi paneer potato kulcha a holistic taste. It can be enjoyed as breakfast or as an evening snack. You can simply wrap it in a foil and carry in your lunch box. Cut it into fancy shape and serve with pickles or curd to make it look like an appetizing party starter.

Bidari ParathaBidari Paratha

Similar to the Kerala Parota, Bidari Paratha is a unique and interesting flaky paratha made by combining the perfect proportions of refined flour, wheat flour and semolina. The technique of rolling the paratha is special and it tastes amazing with tongue-tickling gravies and curries.

Bakar Khani NaanBakar Khani Naan

A naan similar to bread, the Bakar Khani Naan is mildly sweet flatbread flavored with elaichi powder and coated with poppy seed. The special technique of rolling and brushing with butter while rolling improves the taste and aroma.

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Sheermal recipe
Sheermal is a mildly-sweet, saffron-flavoured naan popular in the Indo-Pak sub-continent. While this Moghul delight is traditionally prepared in a tandoor, it can also be comfortably prepared in a Tava in the convenience of your own kitchen. Using warm mi ....
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Bakar Khani Naan, Hyderabadi Baked Naan recipe
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Bidari Paratha, Hyderabadi Bidari Parantha recipe
The Bidari Paratha is a unique treat that will make you feel special the moment you bite into one! It has a very interesting, flaky texture achieved by a dough that combines the perfect proportions of refined flour, wheat flour and semolina. There is a special way of rolling this parantha, which ....

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