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3915 cumin seeds recipes

Last Updated : Jan 19,2021

जीरा रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (cumin seeds recipes in Hindi)
જીરું રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (cumin seeds recipes in Gujarati)

3900 cumin seeds recipes | Indian jeera recipes | 

cumin seeds recipes | Indian jeera recipes | Jeera or cumin seed is an ancient Indian spice, which has been used since the Vedic times. Ayurveda prescribes jeera as a remedy for several health problems. So wise were our grannies that they decided to add it to their spice box and use it in everyday cooking, to ensure its sustained health benefits to the family.

In Tamil, jeera is referred to as jeeragam or seeragam. In that ancient language, “Seer Agam” means inner wellness, and the wise say that is probably why the spice was named so! 

From digestion to weight loss and detox, cumin has a battery of benefits to its credit. And fortunately for all food lovers, it also has a fabulous taste and aroma, and can be put to good use in the Indian kitchen.

Indian Recipes Using Jeera

An Indian spice box without jeera is obviously incomplete. It is hard to cook even one proper Indian meal without this spice because it is so intricately woven with our cuisine. 

Jeera, Cumin seeds are part of making Indian masalas

Masalas: Jeera is an indispensable part of most Indian masala powders ranging from Chaat Masala and Garam Masala to Sambar powder and Rasam Powder

Chaat Masala, Homemade Chaat Masala RecipeChaat Masala, Homemade Chaat Masala Recipe

Indian drinks using Jeera

Refreshing Indian Drinks: Together with black salt, it gives Jal Jeera its distinctive taste and amazing digestive capabilities.

You can make a variety of appetizing beverages using the same jeera base, such as Lemony Jaljeera, Minty Jaljeera, Kairi ka Jaljeera and Pudina Jeera Paani

Lemony Jaljeera, Lemon Jal JeeraLemony Jaljeera, Lemon Jal Jeera

Indian savoury snacks using Jeera, cumin seeds

Savoury Snacks: Jeera also adds a peppy flavour to several savoury snacks ranging from the south Indian Murukku to the Bengali Nimki. Palak Jeera Nimki is a tasty tea-time snack with a dash of nutrition too.

Kai Murukku, South Indian Handmade ChakliKai Murukku, South Indian Handmade Chakli

Jeera Biscuit is a good jar snack to keep handy, as it can help beat sudden hunger pangs. The buttery aroma and appetising flavour of jeera make this popular with kids and adults alike.

Jeera Biscuit Recipe, Jar Snack

Jeera Biscuit Recipe, Jar Snack

Likewise, you can give your buns also a tasty twist by adding onions and jeera to the dough, to make Onion Jeera Buns. It is the perfect companion for a cup of Masala Chaai

Lemony Jaljeera, Lemon Jal JeeraLemony Jaljeera, Lemon Jal Jeera

Indian sabzis, dals, rice using jeera

Main Course: Be it breakfast, lunch or dinnerjeera is used to flavour most of the Indian dishes we make, ranging from curries to dals and rice too.

However, there are a few recipes like Aloo Jeera, Jeera-Pepper Rasam and Jeera Rice, in which the spice takes to the centre stage rather than being a behind-the-scenes helper! Think jeera, and appetite is the first word that comes to mind. So, on days when you are feeling down the weather, go for a jeera-based recipe to boost your appetite and aid digestion. 

Restaurant Style Jeera RiceRestaurant Style Jeera Rice

Now this is one ingredient you do not need to go shopping specially for, as we are sure you will have a jarful at home! Make sure you use a good dose of it in your cooking, because grannies feel it is as effective as apple in keeping doctors away. 

Benefits of Cumin Seeds ( jeera) : The most common benefit of jeera known to many is to soothe the stomach, intestine and the entire digestive tract. Cumin seeds are apparently a very good source of iron. A tbsp. of cumin seeds can fulfil nearly 20% of days iron requirement. Even small quantity of cumin seeds has huge amounts of calcium – a bone supporting mineral. They aid is digestion, weight loss and help reduce inflammation. See detailed benefits of cumin seeds, jeera

Enjoy our cumin seeds recipes | Indian jeera recipes | below. 

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