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प्याज रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (onions recipes in Hindi)
કાંદા રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (onions recipes in Gujarati)

4494 Onion recipes | Onion (Kanda, Pyaz) Recipes Indian

onion recipes, onion recipes Indian. pyaz recipes.   

Onions are known as Kanda in India. Whether eaten raw in salad or sandwich, sautéed, roasted or as a part of Indian gravy, onions lend their strong flavour to the dish they are added to. Amongst the yellow white and red onions, the red variety are most commonly used in India. Always found tears in your eyes while chopping onion right?

Onions are a staple food in India, and are therefore fundamental to Indian cooking. They are commonly used as a base for curries, or made into a paste and eaten as a main course or as a side dish.

Onions, kanda used in Indian salads

1. Onion Tomato Koshimbir is another essential accompaniment for a Maharashtrian thali. The sweet and sour flavour is refreshing and enhances the taste of the meal.

Onion Tomato KoshimbirOnion Tomato Koshimbir

2. Laccha Onions are onion rings marinated in lemon juice/vinegar. It is the most common accompaniment with kebab platters and other appetizers. Make sure you toss in the masalas just before serving to avoid onions to lose out all the flavour.

Lachha Onion RecipeLachha Onion Recipe

Pyaz used in Indian chaats 

1. homemade pav bhaji | how to make pav bhaji at home | mumbai pav bhaji made at home | with 25 amazing images. 

There is nothing healthier than making your homemade pav bhaji versus opting for pav bhajifrom the street. While i do love mumbai roadside pav bhaji, i still think you should make your pav bhaji at home and serve it with loads of onions. 

Pav Bhaji Pav Bhaji

2. aloo chaat recipe | Indian aloo chaat | aloo chaat using baby potatoes | quick and easy aloo chaat | with 13 amazing images. 

Aloo ChaatAloo Chaat

Looking for something to kill your evening hunger pang? here we have a very scrumptious recipe that is loved by all the generations made with baby potatoes that is Aloo chaat. Every Indian household has its own way of making aloo chaat.

Popular sabzis using lots of pyaz, onions

1. chole bhature | Punjabi chole bhature | with 29 amazing images
My earliest memories of Chole Bhature is of the one I ate at a popular eatery in Mumbai Known as "Cream Centre". On enquiring, I was told that the chick peas and spices were simmered together for hours resulting in a dish that a large number of Mumbaites relish even today!

Chole Bhature Chole Bhature  

2. kadai paneer recipe | popular restaurant style kadai paneer | dhaba stye karahi paneer | with 32 amazing images. 

Kadai Paneer, Popular Restaurant Style Kadai PaneerKadai Paneer, Popular Restaurant Style Kadai Paneer

kadai paneer is a quick dish of paneer cubes combined with a spicy kadhai gravy! The aroma of spices cooking in simmering tomatoes is an unmistakeable signature of this kadai paneer recipe!

snacks with onions, payaz

1. onion rings recipe | Indian style onion rings | crispy fried onion rings | how to make perfect onion rings |

onion rings are a perfect starter for any party. Learn how to make perfect onion rings. 

Onion Rings, Indian Style Crispy Onion RingsOnion Rings, Indian Style Crispy Onion Rings

Indian gravies made with pyaz

1. basic pasanda gravy recipe | restaurant style pasanda gravy | brown pasanda gravy | with images below. 

Basic Pasanda Gravy, Restaurant Style Pasanda Gravy RecipeBasic Pasanda Gravy, Restaurant Style Pasanda Gravy Recipe

basic pasanda gravy is the base of famous Punajbi sabzi – Paneer Pasanda. Learn how to make restaurant style pasanda gravy.

This pasanda gravy makes use of two kinds of onion paste. One which is cooked with cashews, garlic and ginger and the other in which the onions are deep-fried and then blended to paste with little water. These two pastes give the brown colour to the restaurant style pasanda gravy. 

Although liked by people of all age groups, crispy fried onion rings tops the charts as far as kids are concerned! This recipe for onion rings is super-effective, as baking powder makes the rings puff up wonderfully. The cornflour adds on to its crispiness and the chaat masala gives it the Indian style onion rings taste.

2. Basic Dum Aloo Gravy : Dum Aloo gets its characteristic flavour and texture from the intensely-flavoured gravy that the potatoes are cooked in. 

Basic Dum Aloo Gravy, Punjabi Restaurant Style Dum Aloo RecipeBasic Dum Aloo Gravy, Punjabi Restaurant Style Dum Aloo Recipe

The gravy gets its deep flavour and luscious texture from a paste of onions and spices, cooked along with tomato pulp and fresh cream. 

You can make a batch of Basic Dum Aloo Gravy using this recipe, and use it immediately, or deep-freeze it to whip up your favourite dishes in minutes when you wish to.

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