Sada Uttapa ( Mumbai Roadside Recipe)

Sada Uttapa ( Mumbai Roadside Recipe)

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With little effort and the same batter as dosa, you can make a dish that seems quite different. The uttapam is thicker and heavier than the dosa and is cooked on both sides. Peculiarity of an uttapa is the small holes that form when spread on the hot tava making it appealing.

Sada Uttapa ( Mumbai Roadside Recipe) recipe - How to make Sada Uttapa ( Mumbai Roadside Recipe)

Preparation Time:    Cooking Time:    Total Time:     4Makes 4 plates
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  1. Heat a tava /non-stick tava (griddle), sprinkle a little water on it (it should sizzle immediately) and wipe off using a piece of cloth.
  2. Pour ¾ cup of the batter on the tava (griddle), spread in a circular motion to make a 175 mm. (7") thick uttapa and cook on a medium flame for a minute.
  3. Place 1 tbsp of butter in the centre and smear evenly over it using a spatula.
  4. Sprinkle ¼ tsp of garam masala and 1 tsp of coriander over it and cook for 2 minutes.
  5. Turn over and cook on the other side till it turns light brown in colour.
  6. Smear another ½ tbsp of butter evenly over it and cut it into 4 equal pieces on the tava (griddle) using the sharp edge of the spatula.
  7. Place the pieces on a plate and serve immediately with coconut chutney, green garlic chutney and sambhar.
  8. Repeat with the remaining ingredients to make 3 more plates.