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 Ten Tasty Options for the Bowl of Rice That Completes Your Meal

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Top 10 Indian Veg Rice Biryani Recipes

A meal without a rice bowl on the table seems so incomplete! If you happen to be in South India or Bengal, the rice dish might be the focus of the meal, but even in other parts of the country, at least one rice-based dish is served as part of a full-fledged meal. This is not surprising, considering that rice is known to be one of the oldest cultivated grains in the world, which is still consumed today. With its neutral and pleasing taste, and versatile texture, rice is a boon to the culinary world. It tastes good if had plain, it tastes better with a dollop of ghee, and it tastes truly incredible when cooked into a dish like the Shahi Korma Biryani!

Different kinds of Indian Rice

Rice is one of the staple grains of India, and there are numerous varieties available in our country – from the world-famous Basmati rice, which is used for pulaos and biryanis, to the Surti Kolam used for khichdis, the parboiled rice available to make Idli and Dosas, and the innumerable varieties of South Indian rice like Ponni and Sona Masuri.

For most Indians, meals like lunch and dinner generally include at least a cup of rice, along with Rotis and other dishes. Whether it is Ghee Rice with Dal Tadka or Dal Makhani, a Vegetable Pulao with Makhani Gravy or Kadhi, or a more elaborate Biryani with Raita, you do not get complete satisfaction out of the meal unless you have at least a small portion of rice.

Rice can be served plain, with accompaniments like dal, subzis, sambhar and rasam, or it can be prepared into pulaos, biryanis, and baked rice dishes. Whether you want to have something light or heavy, you can find a rice dish to match your requirement…

When the rest of your meal is heavy, you can simply serve Plain Rice, cooked perfectly. It tastes great with dal, kadhi or subzi. Or, like the South Indians, the rice can be mixed with curds and enjoyed with achar. On a day, when you do not have time to make anything else, just resort to a quick but sumptuous one-dish meal like Dal Khichdi or Tomato Rice, which taste good when simply served with a cup of curds, papad and pickles.

On a festive day or to celebrate a special occasion, seek out extraordinary recipes like the Lajjatdar Handi Biryani or Kabuli Chana Biryani. You can also try out regional specialties like the Gatte ka Pulao, which is a Rajasthani delicacy. Rice is also one of the perfect grains to pack in a tiffin box because it does not tend to get rubbery or thick upon cooling. Dishes like Rajma Chawal and Lajjatdar Handi Biryani are awesome dabba treats, which taste great even after a few hours.

Rice is, interestingly, good for our health too. Since time immemorial, rice has been considered a safe food for everybody from babies to elders. It is a wonderful source of energy, and also an essential source of many vitamins and minerals, especially if cooked the right way, without discarding the water. Arguably, the polished version of rice loses vital nutrients when it is processed, but this can be overcome by using brown rice or hand-pounded rice. If there is excess water when cooking the rice, drain the water and use it to thicken gravies or feed it to infants, as it is rich in essential nutrients.

Yes, with its wonderful taste, heritage, cultural importance, health benefits and all, rice is a grain that we must all familiarize ourselves with it. And trust us, once you start exploring the potential of rice, your passion for the rice bowl will only strengthen with each passing day.

Top 10 Indian Rice Recipes

Biryani is an everlasting relic of the Moghul era that continues to live and breathe in innumerable restaurants and kitchens across the globe. Not only that, this traditional recipe has stood the test of time by being constantly adapted to suit the tastes of each generation. While many modern versions of this spice-filled rice preparation are made in the oven or microwave, here is a recipe that retains the original Handi cooked magic. Layers of rice and vegetable gravy are topped with an aromatic saffron mixture and simmered on the stove till the aroma multiplies and wafts out, to fill the room and the hearts of the diners! Enjoy it hot and fresh, with a Raita or a white-gravy based side dish like Paneer In White Gravy .
Bengal gram is abundantly used in Rajasthani cooking because it grows in plenty in the arid desert conditions. Besan made from Bengal gram is used to make rotis, gatta, mithai and also as a thickening agent for kadhi . Gatte ka Pulao is made on festive occasions when plain steamed rice is not served. As vegetables are not available throughout the year, cooked gattas are added to spice up this pulao, which is usually served with kadhi or plain curds .
When you want the focus to be on the subzi, then this is the best choice for your Main Course . Soothing yet flavourful, the Ghee Rice combines beautifully with elaborate Subzis / Curries and Dals / Kadhis enhancing their appeal and giving them the attention they deserve. However, the best part about Ghee Rice is that it tastes just as wonderful with a simple dal or everyday subzi so you can prepare it on any hurried day too.
An elaborate yet easy khichdi that makes a wholesome and delicious meal, the Dal Khichdi is made of toovar dal and rice combined with not just whole spices but also onions, garlic and tomatoes. This imparts a tangy twist to the khichdi making it holistic in terms of taste too. When you don’t have time to prepare a Kadhi, you can just serve this with curds and papad like Fried papad, Roasted papad, Fried Khichiya Papad, Roasted Khichiya Papad, Instant Whole Wheat Masala Papad or Papad ki Churi and there you have a sumptuous dinner on the table! Enjoy how to make Dal Khichdi recipe with detailed step by step photos and video below.
Long-grained basmati rice, pressure-cooked in tangy tomato-based gravy interspersed with spongy cottage cheese cubes, the paneer pulao is a toothsome treat that will delight your family and friends! Enjoy this pulao as it is or have it with Makhani Gravy or Green Tomato Kadhi and some Salad .
A tangy preparation of rajma is combined with cooked rice to make a lip-smacking Rajma Chawal, which stays fresh in the tiffin box for at least 5 hours. It’s almost like having rice with a rajma curry to accompany it, but the best part is that it comes in a convenient one-dish package that is easy for kids to handle at lunch time. We have taken care to make the chawal a little moist, so that it does not get dry after a few hours. So, do not worry if you end up with a slightly moist rice when done; that is how it is meant to be. For the short break pack some Murukku ( Tiffin Treats) in another tiffin.
Handi Biryani is absolutely superior to those made with other methods like open or pressure cooking, even though it appears to use similar ingredients. The simple process of sealing the lid with chapati dough and allowing the ingredients to cook within a covered environment makes all the difference. Basically, what happens in this process is that no moisture is lost. Water evaporates but keeps condensing inside the pot itself, so practically nothing leaves the pot – including the flavours and the aroma of the ingredients. This is what you call a pucca flavour lock! Relish this Lajjatdar Handi Biryani, allowing every spoonful to rest on your palate, and you will be able to discern the flavours of all the ingredients right from the whole spices used to flavour the rice and the tangy chana masala mixture, to the saffron and herbs used to top the layered rice. Lose yourself in the experience... You can also try other variants of biryani like Shahi Korma Biryani and Masoor Biryani .
Kabuli chana together with tomatoes, curd and spices too gives rise to a lovely gravy that is layered with rice, and microwaved for the flavours to fuse. The rice itself is perked up with whole spices and herbs, which makes the Kabuli Chana Biryani even tastier. While such Biryanis are traditionally covered with foil and baked in an oven, here were have speeded up the process by using the Microwave oven instead. This reduces the cooking time tremendously.
Truly royal! unlike the traditional method of adding loads of cream, ghee etc. To make this shahi recipe, here we use low fat milk and zero-oil. You won’t know the difference… it tastes just as good! i have replaced cream with poppy seeds and cashewnut paste to impart the required richness and flavour. Poppy seeds also add calcium, iron, zinc and fibre. Shahi Korma Biryani Recipe with step by step photos.
A rice delight that is loaded with veggies and flavoured subtly with a fine choice of spices, the Vegetable Pulao is one dish that is famous all over the world. Within India too, it is so popular that there are umpteen versions, ranging from mild to spicy, and it is available in even tiny restaurants and roadside eateries! This Vegetable Pulao is a Quick Recipe and easy to make, but very tasty, with the added flavours of ginger, green chillies and garam masala. Prepare it as close to serving time as possible so that the flavours are fresh and strong. If you don't like your to eat your pulao plain, have it with Makhni Gravy or Kadhi. For more exciting pulao recipes glance through our collection of lunch pulao recipes. Enjoy how to make Vegetable Pulao recipe with detailed step by step photos and video below.


Ten Tasty Options for the Bowl of Rice That Completes Your Meal
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Ten Tasty Options for the Bowl of Rice That Completes Your Meal
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