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Handi is a traditional pot-shaped utensil made of clay or metal, which has been used for slow-cooking since time immemorial. It is like a pot-shaped deep pan. When cooking food in a handi, the lid is sealed to the pot using dough, so the steam does not escape.

This enables the food to be cooked using its own water content, which enhances its flavour and aroma, and also retains the nutritional value. Foods cooked in a handi have a unique taste and aroma. Try delightful treats like the Handi Khichdi and Lajjatdar Handi Biryani to experience the magic.

हाण्डी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Handi recipes in Hindi)
હાંડી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Handi recipes in Gujarati)

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Lajjatdar Handi Biryani recipe
Handi Biryani is absolutely superior to those made with other methods like open or pressure cooking, even though it appears to use similar ingredients. The simple process of sealing the lid with chapati dough and allowing the ingredients to cook within a covered environment makes all the differe ....
Handi Hot Pot recipe
Handi Hot Pot ia an ideal lunch box meal that has the goodness of rice and veggies packed well. Coat the vegetables and rice with the ground masalas and cook in a handi, for a gorgeous treat.
Handi Khichdi (  Chawal) recipe
The handi has a wonderful way of condensing evaporated water and pushing it back into the vessel, making it possible to cook with very little water, and minimizing nutrient loss. What is more, this handy utensil also retains the aromas and flavours of spices to the fullest. Here is a traditional Han ....
Handi Khichdi recipe
This dish is cooked in a traditional Indian deep iron pan called "handi". It is believed that cooking in iron utensils increases the iron content of food, however rice is also naturally rich in iron, so you can be double sure that this recipe will boost your haemoglobin levels. Marinating the vegeta ....
Brinjal Dal recipe
Brinjal imparts a unque flavour to the dal.
Diwani Handi recipe
Diwani handi is a classic authentic royal vegetable preparation coked in a handi. The vegetables are tossed together with ginger, garlic paste and select masala powders. Once the vegetables are almost cooked add chopped coriander leaves and green chillies. Serve Diwani Handi hot with Hyderabadi para ....
Guncha-o-bahar recipe
It is a seasonal recipe made up of cauliflower. It is actually a recipe of awadh. The main essence of it is given by kesar.
Hariyali Baby Corn recipe
I got fresh baby corn in the was so fresh that I thought of making something healthy...not the regular deepfried baby corn crispies , or baby corn manchurian. Corn is sweet so something spicy gravy will be taste enhancer.,,, and added greens which matches with yellow. Along with baby corn ....
Kheer Dosa recipe
A dessert made with a difference!
Tangy Spicy Healthy Sprouts recipe
Healthy, loaded with proteins and super delicious!

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