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 Top 10 Vegetarian Salad Recipes

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Top 10 Vegetarian Salad Recipes

Top 10 Vegetarian Salad Recipes . At times when you don’t have time to prepare a full meal, or when you don’t feel hungry enough, but still need to have something to double up as a meal, try making some Salads. Also, it being summer season it is the time to let go of fatty foods and switch to light meals and seasonal vegetables. Salads are really easy to make, there are some quick-fix salads that can be prepared without even entering the kitchen! Just pick out the required ingredients, toss them together in a bowl, and place them on the table with the meal. You can even try adding some wholesome food like pasta, quinoa, paneer to the salad and make it fuller. When a dressing is added to a salad, it always spikes up the taste and transforms into a fervent experience but, if you are looking for something without using fattening ingredients like oil or cream in their dressing, try some low-calorie dressing like a vinaigrette or just lime juice.

Who doesn't like colourful food? Dig in this unique salad of Roasted Mushroom and Coloured Capsicum with peppy herbs and tangy lemon juice. Mushrooms and capsicum are both low in calories and fat, and rich in fibre, which makes this salad a good option for weight-watchers. You can even perk up this salad by adding baby corn for its tenderness, broccoli for its mealy texture, zucchini for its juiciness with a garnish of lettuce and a Honey Orange dressing that is bursting with flavour, Mushroom, Broccoli, Baby Corn and Zucchini Salad with Honey Orange Dressing is surely an exotic treat that will amaze you.

If you thought pasta dishes are always loaded with calories, due to the sauces commonly used in their preparation, have a look at this recipe of Pasta and Vegetable Salad with a herby tomato salsa. You can even make this Quinoa Feta and Mixed Veg Salad with the combination of crunchy, juicy, and also a bit of creaminess from avocados. 

Kale and Apple Salad combine the unique flavour and texture of kale leaves with crunchy strips of apple, shredded cabbage and melon seeds. Serve it immediately upon tossing to enjoy the fresh flavours. Kale is a tasty variety of cabbage, which is commonly used in salads and sandwiches across the globe. But, if you don't wish to experiment much then try this crunchy this crunchy high fibre Cabbage Salad with a tangy dressing.

If you are looking for a nutrient-rich salad then this Sprouts, Spring Onion and Tomato Salad are a must have. Tangy and crunchy, it is an excellent source of folic acid, iron and protein. You can even make this Masala Mixed Sprouts Salad with Coconut or Sprouted Moong Salad with basic Indian flavours from chaat masala, coriander and lemon juice.

Top 10 Vegetarian Salad Recipes

A healthier salad, the Cabbage, Carrot and Lettuce Salad is chock-full of the powerful vitamins A and C, which not only ward off the evils of pollution and stress, but also tone down the negative effects of high glucose levels. This healthy salad is also a treat to munch on, orange segments gives the crunchy veggies a delightfully tangy twist.
This salad is cabbage through and through, with dark green speckles of green chillies and coriander here and there. Yet, this crunchy high fibre Cabbage Salad is so tasty, you will see people reach for more helpings of it. We will let you in on the little secret. A tangy dressing with black salt, lemon juice and spice powders, is the magic spell that transforms simple cabbage into such a singularly wonderful salad! Try it to believe it. Enjoy how to make Cabbage Salad recipe with detailed step by step photos and video below.
Salads are an essential part of the meal, they are like a booster dose providing a burst of nutrients. Here, the Paneer aur Hare Chane ka Salad provides a protein top-up for those who wish to make up lost muscle mass, maybe while recuperating from an illness or injury. This low-cal salad also brings with it a good dose of fibre and vitamin A . For best results, use fresh hara chana when in season.
If you thought pasta dishes are always loaded with calories, due to cheese and white sauce commonly used in their preparation, have a look at this recipe – and you will change your mind. Here, a minimal amount of whole wheat pasta is prepared as a salad along with crunchy and colourful veggies, which not only contribute antioxidants and fibre, but also team up well with the pasta to improve the overall texture and flavour. Interestingly, the Pasta and Vegetable Salad is not drowned in an oily or creamy dressing; instead it is perked up with a herby tomato salsa, which gives the dish a real boost! Serve with Hearty Red Lentil Soup and Suran Chana Dal Tikkis .
Cucumber is a vegetable with a high water content and is therefore relatively low in calories and carbohydrates. Try having cucumber with its peel which itself is a great source of fibre and many more nutrients. The fat free lemon juice and soya sauce dressing enhances this salad, especially when it is served chilled.
Tuscans take great pride in cooking and eating and are known for their hefty appetites. Beans appear frequently in many guises in their cooking, as they are filling and form a substantial meal. This Tuscan inspired salad is a combination of beans in an oregano tomato dressing which makes a quick and tasty salad. The beans need to be soaked overnight and pressure cooked separately till they are soft. The ketchup used in the dressing lends a sweet and concentrated tomato flavour, which blends beautifully in the salad.
Quick, easy and tasty too – what a combination! The best part is that this Sprouts, Spring Onion and Tomato Salad has as much nutritional appeal too, making it a must-have in the preconception period and first trimester. Tangy and crunchy, it is an excellent source of folic acid, iron and protein. The lemony dressing adds to the goodness with an ample dose of vitamin C, especially if it is prepared just before serving.
sprouted moong salad recipe | moong salad | healthy moong salad | moong veg salad | with 15 amazing images. Looking for a healthy and tummy filling recipe? Here we have got you a scrumptious healthy quick Indian salad recipe which you can relish at any point of the day which is sprouted moong dal salad. Sprouted moong salad is so easy and quick to make that it can be made in a jiffy and the ingredients used are easily available in every Indian house. You can make Sprouted moong salad for evening snack or can even be used as a accompaniment or side dish with dinner or lunch. To make sprouted moong salad, all you need to do is dump in all the ingredients together mix well and relish the tasty recipe. So to make healthy moong salad, combine sprouted and boiled moong, cabbage, tomatoes, carrot, coriander, onions, lemon juice, green chillies, black salt and mix everything well. The veggies make it nutritive and lemon juice adds the tangy hint to the salad. You can serve it immediately or refrigerate it for an hour and serve. I make this salad recipe once or twice in a week and personally enjoy relishing it as a side dish with my meal. Also, you can add yogurt and red chilli powder if you wish to. Sometimes, when I am running late on schedule I pack it and consume it while travelling. Why with think this is a healthy moong salad? Moong sprouts is a nutri-dense sprout. It’s a good sources of several nutrients like B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus. These sprouts are a protein boost. Sprouted moong salad is a refreshing salad, which can even be enjoyed as a mid-day snack on a sweltering hot day when you don’t feel like eating anything spicy or oily but want something tangy, tasty and sumptuous. Here, sprouted and cooked moong is mixed with varied fresh ingredients like tomatoes, coriander, cabbage, etc., perked up with lemon juice, and refrigerated till crisp and cool. This thoroughly enjoyable Sprouted Moong Salad can also be served as a starter at garden parties. Enjoy sprouted moong salad recipe | moong salad | healthy moong salad | moong veg salad | with detailed step by step photos and video below.
This chunky salad will leave you wishing you had made much more of it! With such a tempting combination of flavours, textures and colours, this Paneer and Corn Chatpata Salad is sure to be wiped off in a jiffy. Sautéing the paneer eliminates its raw smell, making it all the more interesting to bite into. Combined with juicy corn, tangy tomatoes, chewy potatoes and crispy spring onions, this lemon tinged salad is made all the more exciting by the addition of peppy chaat masala. You will love the total experience!
Vitamin C rich veggies like lettuce, capsicum,tomatoes and cucumber tossed together with an Italian basil dressing. But dress this salad just before serving to prevent the loss of vitamin C due to exposure of air.


Top 10 Vegetarian Salad Recipes
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Love your collection of veg salads. My husband loves the sprouted moong salad and i love the three bean healthy salad. Its filling and very tasty.