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 Top 10 Maharashtrian Recipes

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Top 10 Maharashtrian Recipes

The Maharashtrian cuisine has a wide array of interesting flavours to offer. It is highly influenced by the neighbouring states and majorly divided in two sections - Konkan and central. 

A major portion of Maharashtra lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea, and the region is known as Konkan Maharashtra. Konkani cuisine is a combination of Malvani, Gaud Saraswat Brahmin and Goan cuisines. Apart from seafood being a major consumption by most people, alphonso mango, cashew nuts, rice are popular food in this region. The cuisine of central Maharashtra or the Vidarbha region is called Varadi cuisine. Maharashtrian cuisine is a zesty and spicy one, which makes abundant use of aromatic and flavourful ingredients like kokum, peanuts, sesame seeds, chillies, dagad phool, charoli.

Phulkas and rotis are famous all over India, but Maharashtrian cuisine includes a range of unique rotis. Chawal Bhakri is a soft and delicate preparation that tastes amazing with a spicy green Chilli Thecha . It is ideally served with rassa (curry).  Dashmi Roti is a sweet roti made with jaggery and a popular travel food. 

Maharashtrian famous snacks which are familiar to most of us are Kanda Poha, Batata Poha, Sheera, Green Chilli Thecha Stuffed Pav.  It is consumed by 75% of Maharashtrians in bigger cities as breakfast. In the villages, they have a spicy snack Bhadang Murmura which is made of puffed rice perked up with garlic and green chillies. Misal is an all-time favourite Maharashtrian snack that is tasty, energising and nutritious. Sprouts Misal, a spicy gravy made using sprouts, tempered with cumin, and sautéed with spice pastes is a flavorful, irresistible dish. To make a tasty treat, you can try Moong Dahi Misal made with sprouts, whisked curd, chopped veggies, spice powders and of course, khajur imli ki chutney.

Apart from plain steamed rice, which is enjoyed with spicy accompaniments like Methi Pitla or Amti, rice is also enjoyed in the form of lip-smacking dishes like Dodkyacha Bhaat, Masala Bhaat etc. Maharashtrians love rice and feel dissatisfied if they do not have at least a little rice with the meal. A real spicy preparation of rice and tendli, which totally masks the sober nature of tendli it into an exciting ingredient that will be loved by all. This Tendli Bhaat actually has a double dose of spices! Hariyali Matki Khichdi  is a sumptuous one-pot meal that is full of nutrients. It tastes delicious as it is but, can be relished with curd or buttermilk. 

Have your fill of homely dishes like the Green Peas Ambti, Kairi chi Kadhi and Methiche Varan. When you say kadhi, you would have thought of a curd-besan mixture but, this Kairi Chi Kadhi is a unique preparation made using coconut and raw-mango, perked up with an aromatic, traditional tempering. Like Sambhar is to Tamil Nadu, Amti is to Maharashtra. Amti is a traditional Maharashtrian flavourful dal with a medley of flavours. This Sprouted Kala Chana Ambti with a masala paste of onions and dry spices is simply irresistible. Cashew Curryis a popular curry in Malvani households. The spicy Malvani gravy along with bland cashewnuts creates a flavorful, rich gravy. Zunka is one of the most famous dishes, where the zunka is made using besan flour and had with hot bhakri. 

The snack-lovers look forward to the monsoon, to enjoy hot Bhaji and Kaanda Bhajji Pav  made even more delightful with the addition of green chillies and Dry Garlic Chutney. Enjoy sweets like Modak, Puran Poli and Karanji during festive occasions. Enter, to fall in love with Maharashtrian cuisine. Happy Cooking!!

Top 10 Maharashtrian Recipes

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Top 10 Maharashtrian Recipes
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