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 Eating out for a healthy heart

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Eating out for a healthy heart, Veg Indian Foods

EATING OUT SENSIBLY, 5 points to follow

Eating a low fat diet and sticking to it is easy at home. The biggest challenge is to overcome the odds and stick to low fat eating, while dining at restaurants. To begin with, this may look like a mammoth task, but once you have learnt the knack of picking healthy and hearty foods, you will enjoy your food without taking off to bad fat budgets, which hike up your cholesterol levels and add to your weight. Try to observe the following suggestions while partying out to have a balanced and healthy diet.

1. Snack sensibly before partying / eating out. Always have a small fibre-rich snack before leaving for a party. Never go to a restaurant or party with an empty stomach as most party dinners start off late. If, by then, your hunger pangs are in an advanced stage, you may tend to ‘pig out’ and end up eating food in excess of what you otherwise eat.

2. Plan in advance. A little planning goes a long way. If you have a party to attend, plan well in advance. Do not feel shy or hesitate to request the host or chef to tailor make a dish for you. Remember to enjoy small portions of food at the party, but do compensate for this in the next meal and also by exercising.

3. Avoid second helpings. At the restaurant, serve yourself leisurely and only once, as this will help you to know what you are selecting with respect to calories, fibre, fat etc. Your brain takes 10 minutes to register the feeling of fullness, hence take your time to finish the meal. Serve yourself in a medium sized plate so the food does not look less. This will also ensure that you will not pile up loads of food on the plate.

4. Salad bars are helpful. Begin your meal with a bowl of salad. Beware of salad dressings though! Dressings made with mayonnaise, cream, peanuts etc. are highly calorie dense and an absolute ‘no-no’. Instead, choose a lemon or low fat curd dressings.

5. Choose sensibly.
a. Choose foods made with low-fat cooking methods like stir-frying, steaming etc. Refer to Cooking Healthy at Home. How to cook for a Healthy Heart
b. Avoid the use of butter, margarine, cheese and ghee, as these tend to increase blood cholesterol levels. Apart from visible fat, saturated fats are also hidden in some foods. Coconut is a very common example of this. Try and choose gravy made without the use of coconut, while dining out.
c. What is food without a desert, especially when you are eating out! Satisfy your sweet tooth, select a fruit and low fat milk based dessert and enjoy a small portion. Shake a dessert with a fellow diner instead of having a whole portion yourself.

The gist is to enjoy what you eat. Health doesn't need sacrifice, but you do need to remember that good nutrition is just a matter of selecting the "right" foods – whether at home or at a restaurant.

Throwing a party, follow these Healthy Heart Recipes given below
We have given below a lovely combination of soup, sabzi, dal, rice, accompaniment, roti, raita and dessert. go ahead and plan your Indian healthy HEART dinner and thrill your guests.

Eating Out For A Healthy Heart

Here's a great way to enjoy a Rajasthani delicacy that is simply sumptuous and low in calories. Choose young and tender bhindis for this recipe that will cook quickly. Above all, the rich and fascinating aroma is so tempting that you won't feel that you're eating low calorie food.
chana dal pancakes | healthy chana dal pancakes |chana dal pancakes for diabetics | with 26 amazing images Chana dal pancakes is made of soaked chana dal mixed with vitamin rich vegetables and protein rich curds to enhance its taste. Grated ginger and green chillies add the much-needed spice to the chana dal pancakes. Cook these split bengal gram pancakes over a slow flame as the chana dal is coarsely ground and will take a while to cook well. What makes chana dal pancakes healthy? Chana dal is a very beneficial pulse for diabetics as it helps in the utilisation of sugar effectively causing a slow rise in blood sugar levels because of its low glycemic index. There is a 1/2 cup of methi leaves used in chana dal pancakes and see why we love that. Fenugreek leaves help in improving glucose and insulin responses, hence good for diabetics. The levels of cholesterol also reduced with intakes of fenugreek leaves. These Indian chana dal pancakes are extremely filling and you could have that for a heavy breakfast or it would suffice for dinner. Serve chana dal pancakes with green chutney. Enjoy chana dal pancakes for diabetics and weight loss with detailed step by step photos below.
This old-fashioned Moong Soup is sure to bring back memories of momma’s loving care. Guaranteed to rejuvenate you on a tiring day, this soothing soup is mildly flavoured with a tempering of cumin seeds and curry leaves. Chock-full of protein, iron and fibre, this variant of the traditional recipe is made diabetic-friendly by using just a teaspoon of oil. Enjoy this easy-to-digest yet sumptuous soup hot and fresh for the best consistency. Enjoy how to make Moong Soup recipe with detailed step by step photos below.
Iron-laden methi greens are combined with vitamin C rich tomatoes which helps in the absorption of iron. For an additional fibre touch, I have used the unpolished brown rice which is beneficial for weight watchers, diabetics and people with high cholesterol. Enjoy how to make Tomato Methi Rice recipe with detailed step by step photos and video below.
Although it is very easy to make and uses few and common ingredients, Sliced Onions with Lemon Juice and Green Chillies is an accompaniment that is sure to make even a simple meal seem amazingly exciting. This is thanks to the crunchy texture and snazzy flavour of the ingredients that go into it. One thing you need to take care of, is to serve the onions immediately after mixing, otherwise they will release water and become soggy. The best part is that all the ingredients come with a ‘nutrition inside’ tag! Onions are rich in manganese, which offers protection against cold and flu. The sulphur compounds in onion help reduce blood cholesterol levels and prevent clots in the arteries, thereby making this a very heart-friendly dish. It also has allium, which increases the body’s power to fight cancer cells. Together, the ingredients also give you vitamin C and potassium. This detoxifying dish is also low in calories. What more can you ask for? It’s time to make this a part of your daily diet! You can also try Spicy Kachumber and Cabbage Kachumber .
Oats are a great substitute for low-fibre maida and raisins are the least fat containing dry fruits, making these cookies healthy and tasty. Raisins also lend their sweetness to the cookies, reducing the required sugar content. These cookies can be enjoyed by people with heart related diseases in moderation.
Spinach and chana dal complement each other perfectly in this aromatic dish which is an excellent source of protein, iron, vitamin A and calcium. Try this dal with steamed brown rice or rotis. This is a good recipe for entertaining too!
The aromatic flavours of this traditional South Indian dish are truly irresistible. The speciality of this sambhar is that it is made with minimal oil and loads of vegetables which enhance its nutritive value. When served hot with Nutritious Stuffed Idlis, it makes a meal that is very hard to resist. Alternatively, relish this sambhar with steamed rice to make a wholesome meal.
Here is a chatpata roti, with a homely texture and tongue-tickling taste that are sure to steal your heart. The Oats Flax Seeds Roti features an absolutely healthy mix of ingredients, especially beneficial for those with high blood pressure because the beta glucagon in oats helps to keep both blood pressure and blood cholesterol under check. This definitely contributes to maintaining a healthy heart! The sprinkling of flax seeds atop the roti not only makes it look attractive but brings in its share of nutrition too, apart from improving the mouth-feel with its exciting crunch. You can also try other low-salt recipes like the Green Peas Soup and Creamy Green Salad .
Raitas are an indispensable part of Indian meals. They combine well with main courses and snacks that are spice heavy, but also taste great just like that! Here is a delicious raita of bottle gourd and tomatoes, perked up with mint leaves and roasted cumin seeds. Here, we have replaced full-fat curds with low-fat curds, and also used mineral-rich, cholesterol-lowering bottle gourd generously to add more volume to the raita without adding excessive calories. The Lauki Phudina Raita, with its lingering flavour is not just tasty but heart friendly too, making it a doubly welcome addition to your meal.


Eating out for a healthy heart
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This article perfectly suits me. Very often I have to attend my office lunch or dinner meetings. I use to follow improper or wrong sequential way of having food. Article has literate me the way to have meal during such occasion and to take care of my healthy. I have started following the rules and instructions mentioned by Tarla Ji during office meeting as well as family food parties or celebrations.